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HEADLINES – Directory of Latest Updates

13th June, 2019

January 2020

Rainbow Partnership New page LGBT+ support and advice

Family Nurse Partnership updated contact details for Coventry Rugby and North Warwickshire

Ambulatory ECG Clinics updated clinic details and patient leaflet

2WW Ophthalmology updated referral form

2WW Orthopaedics updated referral form

2WW Haematology updated referral form

2WW Paediatrics updated referral form

2WW Brain & Spinal Cord updated referral form

Chest Wall Deformity aesthetic policy policy confirmation that surgery is not routinely funded

Hernia Surgery emphasis on ALL female groin hernias to be referred due to increased risk (exception to hernia policy)

Pathology Services new page with shortcuts to existing pathology information. Refreshed information on content pages

Notification of Infectious Diseases updated content and referral form

December 2019

Bariatric & Obesity Surgery updated page with details of new referral route for patients having had previous bariatric surgery

Paediatric Allergy Service updated referral and contact information

Community Gynaecology Service updated Rugby & South Warwickshire information. Shortcuts to patient information leaflets. Amended endometrial polyp referral advice

Sleep Clinic updated information about fast track process for referring vocational drivers

Anal Fissure conservative management and referral advice

Anal Fistula conservative management and referral advice

Anal itch (Pruritus ani) conservative management and referral advice

Anal sepsis conservative management and referral advice

Anal (skin) tags conservative management and referral advice

Pilonidal sinus conservative management and referral advice

Family history of bowel cancer referral advice

November 2019

Anticoagulation Clinic updated page to reflect new DOAC prescribing page

Jaundice (Neonatal) updated contact details and supervising consultant

Cancer Screening & Early Diagnosis new page with useful links to tools and resources including Cancer Research UK facilitator information

Back & Neck Pain revision of aspirational timeframes to reflect local delivery difficulties

Bereavement Support contact details for Bereavement Point for support in coping after death of a loved one

Artificial Eye updated referral information and background information

Adult Social Care new referral process in Coventry

Adult Dietetics / Dietician new central homepage for dietician resources

Bereavement Point information about bereavement support in Coventry & Rugby

October 2019

Electrolyte Abnormalities updates to algorithms. New HYPERNATRAEMIA algorithm

The Myton Hospices updated page with new links to referral forms

Lymphoedema updated page with new information and links to referral forms

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Intermittent Claudication updated referral information and exclusion criteria

Prolapse update of indications for referral

Paramedic Acute Visiting Service new page with new referral forms for Coventry & Rugby GP Alliance commissioned service

Primary Initiation of DOACS in Atrial Fibrillation in Primary Care new page with guidance, links to initiation forms and details of DOAC Enhanced Service for stroke prevention

September 2019

Back & Neck Pain amendment to scenario 2. Physio to request and review MRI result. Addition of Dr Hiten Mehta (Clinical Lead Radiology) as collaborator

Back & Neck Pain amendment to scenario 2. Physio to request and review MRI result. Addition of Dr Hiten Mehta (Clinical Lead Radiology) as collaborator

Paediatric Dermatology Service New page

Community Paediatrics Index Page Minor amendments to linked pages

Fertility Problems minor amendment to referral details

Type 1 Diabetes Paediatric Referral Pathway rapid referral guidance to reduce the risks of DKA

Boost Your Wellbeing self help section on Mental Health page

Cervical Cytology information about transition from liquid based cytology to High Risk HPV based method

Gp Liaison Page changes to referral requirements to UHCW Urgent Referrals including copies of cover / direction stationery

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Service minor update to contact details

Varicose Veins minor amendment to wording of classification of Class 3 veins

August 2019

Integrated Neighbourhood Team – page and forms removed following decommissioning of the service

Enuresis updated Rugby referral contact details

Domestic Violence updated patient and GP support information, contact information, victim and perpetrator support

Shoulder Pain updated information on recurrent dislocation. Primary Care MRI no longer advised

School Health & Wellbeing updated Warwickshire referral information

Community Paediatrics Index Page a table of shortcuts to common paediatric problems, Gateway pages and referral forms

Urinary Tract Infection specific guidelines regarding the use of dipsticks and over diagnosis of infection with consequent overuse of antibiotics

Contraception & Sexual Health comprehensive overhaul of Integrated Sexual Health Service information. Psychosexual counselling now offered

Vitamin D Deficiency new page giving guidance in vitamin D deficiency

Urgent Adult Dermatology Service new page giving electronic referral service details

July 2019

Sharps / Needlestick Injury revised guidelines

Abnormal Biochemistry (Notification of Abnormal Results) new reference page

Zika Virus Testing in Pregnancy routine update

Ebola Virus routine update

HIV Testing Clinical Algorithm routine update

Paediatric Orthopaedic Problems including Scoliosis new scoliosis section

Intermittent Claudication (Peripheral Arterial Disease) new page

Pre-School Squint (Community Orthoptics) updated referral details

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) updated referral guidelines

Audiology Complex Direct Referral Service updated tinnitus referral criteria

Social Prescribing in Primary Care new Coventry page consolidated with Rugby information

HM Coroner Service new page and updated contact links and referral forms

June 2019

Eczema Guidelines revised guidelines

Dementia Care – Admiral Nurses updated forms

National Bereavement Care Pathway – support in Rugby & Coventry new support group

Care Companion new online support for carers

Family Hubs and Children & Family Centres contact information and Early Help Referral Form

Back and Neck Pain updated scenario 2 with revised indication for MRI scan

Faecal Occult Blood Testing (FIT) new guidance includes Unexplained Thrombocytosis including new forms

May 2019

Gender Identity Clinic referral information

Termination of Pregnancy new provider and referral forms BPAS

Neurophysiology – Nerve Conduction new page and referral information

Psoriasis updated guidance

Colposcopy Service For Difficult Smears new page about UHCW service

Back & Neck Pain new page including detailed referral guidance

Low Priority Procedures extensive policy update and revised forms

DESMOND referral for newly diagnosed diabetes revised forms for new provider

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