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Mental Health Crisis Management


Guide for crisis management in adults and young people

Coventry and Warwickshire Crisis Team Update April 2024

Crisis Management for all age groups April 2024

People of all ages (children and adults) living in Coventry and Warwickshire are now be able to access urgent mental health support directly via NHS 111, 24/7, 365 days/year

Our local mental health crisis line, managed by Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust can now be accessed via NHS 111 and selecting ‘mental health option’

The extension of the 111 service means people who are experiencing a mental health crisis will be able to dial the NHS urgent medical advice number (111), and by choosing ‘mental health option’ will be put through to a member of Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust’s local crisis service

Until now, many people in mental health crisis didn’t know which number to call or who to turn to for help

Anyone can call for themselves or someone else can call for them, for example a friend, carer, family member or GP. NHS 111 is for all ages, including children and young people and those with neurodevelopmental needs

If people have physically harmed themselves, or if their life is at immediate risk, then they should continue to call 999 or go to A&E

Please note:

  • The NHS111 line is for self-referrals of people in a mental health crisis; this is not for routine mental health support for people not in crisis. 
  • For all non-crisis mental health referrals please refer adults (aged 18 or over) by email to MHReferrals@covwarkpt.nhs.uk or for children and young people (aged under 18 years old) by emailing to Rise.Referrals@covwarkpt.nhs.uk 
  • GP’s making a referral for someone of any age experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 08081 966798 (*correct number)
  • Any person who feel they are in a mental health crisis, should call NHS 111. They can call the Mental Health Access Hub on 08081 966897

Other alternatives:

  • The Coventry and Warwickshire Mental Wellbeing Line is  available for anyone aged 16 or above who feels they are feeling low, anxious or stressed, are having a difficult time coping, and need to talk to someone in confidence to find the right service Tel: 0800 616171
  • Coventry and Warwickshire Dear Life website for details of organisations which can help
  • Coventry and Warwickshire Dear Life : Support for young people for details of organisations which can help children and young people aged under 18 who are feeling low, anxious or stressed or are having a difficult time coping
  • NHS 111 – SignVideo. for people who are deaf or have hearing loss, the following link to be connected to local crisis service
  • NHS 111 online:  111.nhs.uk.
Tool to aid assessment of suicidal ideation or risk to others

Link to full Traffic Light Tool

Code/ Description Response Type & timescale for assessment & allocation for treatment Typical presentations (clinicians subjective assessment always overrides) Action

Very high risk of imminent harm to self or others.


High distress, absence of capable support.

Assessment: Same day face to face assessment.


Post assessment: CRHT & Urgent allocation in CMHT

Acute suicidal ideation or risk of harm to others, with clear plan and means and / or history of self-harm or aggression. High risk of impulsive acts.

Very high/high risk behaviour associated with perceptual / thought disturbance, delirium, dementia or impaired impulse control

Rapidly increasing symptoms of psychosis and / or severe mood disorder

Unable to care for self or dependents or perform activities of daily living

Urgent assessment request under the Mental Health Act

Known consumer requiring urgent intervention to prevent or contain relapse

Call the Mental Health Access Hub on 08081 966798


Please state if urgent or routine*


Moderate risk of harm and/ or significant distress

Assessment: Same day face to face assessment.


Post assessment: CRHT & urgent allocation in CMHT

Suicidal ideation, with no clear plan, no risk to others. Minimal supportive factors

Significant client/ carer distress associated with serious mental illness (including mood/anxiety disorder)

Early symptoms of psychosis (involve EIS if 1st episode)

Requires priority assessment in order to clarify diagnostic status

Known consumer requiring priority treatment or review


Low risk of harm in short term or moderate risk with high support/ stabilising factors

Assessment: within 4 weeks of referral.


Post assessment: CMHT allocation treatment to commence within 18 weeks of assessment

Requires specialist mental health assessment but is stable and at low risk of harm in waiting period.

Known consumer with serious mental illness (including mood/anxiety disorder) requiring review and/or treatment

Where there is an immediate risk to life (either self or others) please contact appropriate 999 emergency service.

*Routines referrals should only be referred 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday (exc Bank Holidays)

For mental health advice for GP’s only call the GP Advice line on 024 7696 7897

Crisis Plus Initiative to support people in mental health crisis

The purpose of Crisis Plus will be to strengthen the mental health crisis pathway by increasing the range of local alternatives to A&E, mental health inpatient care and mental health crisis teams by providing:

  • Collaborative Intensive Outreach Team
  • Social Intervention Collective
  • Crisis House provision.

Involves investment in voluntary and community sector organisations (VCSE) to access hard-to-reach communities and meet the needs of our diverse population to provide mental health support at times of crisis.

Investment in local peer support workers will mean people can also be supported by those who have been through the same experience and come out of the other side.

Collaborative Intensive Outreach Team will establish a  Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to work with people who frequently need to use mental health crisis services.

This team will develop prevention and care treatment plans with individuals to reduce the time they need to spend in hospital, and also help them to identify their strengths to reach their own life goals.

Social Intervention Collective will offer support to people whose mental health crises come about as a result of a variety of social issues.

Crisis House provision which will offer short-term overnight accommodation for people who are in crisis offering intensive support to help manage a mental health crisis over a short period of time, usually as an alternative to hospital admission.

Crisis planning will be strengthened by producing support plans with the individual by a multi-disciplinary team working across urgent mental health care services, Social Care, Local Authority services and the voluntary and community sector (VCSE) and the individual.

For more information about the Crisis Plus Initiative, please contact mentalhealth.communications@covwarkpt.nhs.uk

Arden Mental Health Acute Team (AMHAT)

A point of contact for all local acute hospital referrals for specialist assessment of mental health crisis and mental health disorder. The service also provides liaison support and training to staff at local acute hospitals.

Contact address: Caludon Centre, UHCW  CV2 2TE

Telephone  024 7693 2700

Referral criteria: Health professionals at the Acute (General) Hospitals

AMHAT offers a psychiatric and risk assessment service in acute healthcare settings eg Accident and Emergency (A&E) department or wards of local hospitals.

Ensures timely care and treatment for patients who have acute mental health issues, when they attend physical healthcare settings.

CAMHS Acute Liaison Team (ALT)

The service is provided for those aged up to 17 years of age.

For those both known and not known to CAMHS service between the ages of 16 – 17 years this may include the addition of the AMHAT teams supporting the assessment, who present to the acute hospital setting.

ALT working hours Monday to Friday 0900 – 2000,

For GPs this is an advice service ONLY, when you have a young person presenting to your practice with significant mental health related issues, e.g. Overdose, Self-Harm, Psychosis they will be able to signpost you to the appropriate intervention whether that is a referral to the Nav Hub or Hospital A&E.

Further advice can be sort via the Clinicians at the Navigation Hub (SPE) 0300 200 2021 0900-1700 Mon-Fri

About the work of the hospital-based Acute Liaison Team ALT  (UHCW & Warwick)

See below a practical guide for A&E and Paediatric wards about whom to contact when, about what types of issue when a child with mental health problems/self- harm attends a general hospital (UHCW or Warwick)

ALT: Acute Liaison Team (for self-harm/suicidal thoughts presentations only).

Working hours 9am-8pm Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri – referral cut-off time 4pm.

Wednesday hours 9am-5pm – referral cut-off time 11am.

Navigation Hub: Single Point of Entry

NB:  an equivalent same day assessment of young people presenting with self-harm/suicidal thoughts is not available outside of the above hours – such young people should be assessed and admitted by the Paediatric team. The Paediatric doctors can contact the bleep holder at Caludon/St Michael’s if urgent advice is required.

Indication Time range location Who to contact Who is likely to see the patient or advise on process
Self-harm/suicidal thoughts 9am-8pm

Wed 9am–5pm

A&E Navigation Hub ALT
Paediatric wards Navigation Hub ALT
8pm – 9am


Wed 5pm-9am

A&E Paediatric Team – admit young person to paediatric ward overnight Paediatric team. Paediatric team will refer to ALT through the Navigation Hub the following morning.
Paediatric wards Any initial risk assessment to be undertaken by paediatric team. Bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Junior Doctor able to seek advice from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on call if urgent.
Other acute psychiatric presentations, e.g. psychotic symptoms +/- self harm and/or suicidal thoughts 9am-5pm A&E Navigation Hub ALT Psychiatrist  (Monday – Friday)
Paediatric wards Navigation Hub ALT Psychiatrist  (Monday – Friday)
5pm-9am A&E contact bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Junior Doctor able to seek advice from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on call if urgent.
Paediatric wards contact bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Junior Doctor able to seek advice from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on call if urgent.
Coventry & District Samaritans

Follow this link for Samaritans GP Gateway Page

Self referral:

Local Telephone: 02476 678678 (local call charges apply)

National telephone: 116 123 (this number is free to call)

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