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Chronic Pain Opioid Management



Chronic Pain Resources

Primary Care Posters:

Live Well with Pain – Self-management

Live Well with Pain – Painkillers the Downside

Patient information leaflets:

Opioids Aware Patient Information Leaflets

The Pain Cycle

The Pain Cycle Visual Aid

Opioid Equivalence

Dose Equivalents and Changing Opioids

Opioid Equivalence with examples from practice

Opioid Equivalence -switching between opioids

Opioid Thermometer

Opioid thermometer for clinicians

Ten Top Tips for GPs (video)

Ten top tips towards self management of persistent pain

‘Taking on Tapering’ (article by Dr Sarah Parsons, GP)

Live Well with Pain newsletter January 2019

Opioids Aware (RCOA):

Opioids aware

Red Whale: Introduction to Self-Care

Self Care and Self Management_- introduction

For Patients

My Live Well With Pain

My live well with pain

Pain Toolkit (look for the free videos) 

Pain Toolkit

Pain Concern

Pain Concern Website

Opioids Aware

Opioids Aware

Understanding Chronic Pain (video):

Exercise Videos for People with Chronic Pain

NHS Conditions Fitness Studio

Self-help resources for stress and anxiety

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

Living with Chronic Pain

Self Help for Those Living With Chronic Pain

Authors: Medicines Optimisation Team, Coventry and Rugby CCG. Last updated December 2019.


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