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RISE (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services CAMHS)


The integrated specialist child and adolescent mental health service supports children & young people with mental health difficulties (including mental illness).

In 2017, CAMHS partnered up with Coventry and Warwickshire Mind to transform emotional well-being and mental health services for children and young people in Coventry and Warwickshire.

RISE seeks to work closely with schools, voluntary community services, Social Care and Primary Care to increase support for children and young people where needed.

In Warwickshire there are 5 community hubs, where families can access information, guidance and speak to a mental health colleague.

RISE Key aims:
  • Support children and young people aged 0-25 in a way that matters to them
  • Have increased emphasis on prevention and early intervention
  • Focus on building resilience
  • Be integrated in our working, especially with schools
  • Systemically work with families and the child’s network
  • Support in partnership with the system complex and vulnerable children.
  • Help Children and our Young People bounce back when things get tough
  • Make getting help really easy- our vision of ‘No door being the wrong door’
  • Support the whole family – not just the child
  • Go the extra mile to reach out to those who need us most
About RISE:

Services that integrated to form Rise are:


RISE referrals

Referrals accepted only from professionals who are involved with or working with the young person and/or family, e.g. GPs, Schools, Social Care, School nurses, Health visitors.

Complete referral form (see link right)

Speak to the Navigation Hub on 0300 200 2021 if further advice, questions or guidance is required or follow link to RISE Website

Fax: 024 7696 1579
or send to:
Navigation Hub
Ground Floor
Paybody Building
Stoney Stanton Road
Coventry CV1 4FS

CAMHS Acute Liaison Team

See download right for contact information

The service is provided for those aged up to 17 years of age.

For those both known and not known to CAMHS service between the ages of 16 – 17 years this may include the addition of the AMHAT teams supporting the assessment, who present to the acute hospital setting.

ALT working hours Monday to Friday 0900 – 2000,

For GPs this is an advice service ONLY, when you have a young person presenting to your practice with significant mental health related issues, e.g. Overdose, Self-Harm, Psychosis they will be able to signpost you to the appropriate intervention whether that is a referral to the Nav Hub or hospital A&E.

Further advice can be sort via the Clinicians at the Navigation hub (SPE) 0300 200 2021 0900-1700 Mon-Fri

Locations: across Coventry and Warwickshire

For more information about other venues Rise works out of, please contact us.

City of Coventry Health Centre
Stoney Stanton Road
Telephone: 024 7696 1368
Fax: 024 7696 1409
Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind, Children and Young People’s Centre
The Junction
141 Far Gosford St
Telephone: 024 7663 1835

Journey – Coventry and Warwickshire Mind Information Bus
(Out and about across Coventry and Warwickshire)

Whitestone Centre
Magyar Crescent
CV11 4SG
Telephone: 024 7664 1799
Fax: 024 7632 0305
Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm

Hunter House
Woodside Park
The Railings
CV21 2AW
(Sat Nav postcode: CV21 2NP)
Telephone: 01788 513733
Fax: 01788 513735

Orchard House
83 Radford Road
Leamington Spa
CV31 1JQ
Telephone: 01926 881 640
Fax: 01926 435 207
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Stratford Healthcare
Building 1, Floor 2
Arden Street
CV37 6NQ
Telephone: 01789 414 643
Fax: 01789 417 129

Ratcliffe Centre Community Hub 

Escape Arts Community Hub 

Online Resources for Families
Adult Mental Health

It is really important that families look after their own mental health. Sometimes when a child or young person experiences mental illness it can have an impact on the people caring for them. Children and young people will often look up to their parents/carers and if they see them managing their own mental health it may encourage them to do the same.

Some of the websites below may be useful:

About the work of the hospital-based Acute Liaison Team ALT  (UHCW & Warwick)

See below a practical guide for A&E and Paediatric wards about whom to contact when, about what types of issue when a child with mental health problems/self- harm attends a general hospital (UHCW or Warwick)

ALT: Acute Liaison Team (for self-harm/suicidal thoughts presentations only).

Working hours 9am-8pm Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri – referral cut-off time 4pm.

Wednesday hours 9am-5pm – referral cut-off time 11am.

Navigation Hub: Single Point of Entry

NB:  an equivalent same day assessment of young people presenting with self-harm/suicidal thoughts is not available outside of the above hours – such young people should be assessed and admitted by the Paediatric team. The Paediatric doctors can contact the bleep holder at Caludon/St Michael’s if urgent advice is required.

Indication Time range location Who to contact Who is likely to see the patient or advise on process
Self-harm/suicidal thoughts 9am-8pm

Wed 9am–5pm

A&E Navigation Hub ALT
Paediatric wards Navigation Hub ALT
8pm – 9am


Wed 5pm-9am

A&E Paediatric Team – admit young person to paediatric ward overnight Paediatric team. Paediatric team will refer to ALT through the Navigation Hub the following morning.
Paediatric wards Any initial risk assessment to be undertaken by paediatric team. Bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Junior Doctor able to seek advice from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on call if urgent.
Other acute psychiatric presentations, e.g. psychotic symptoms +/- self harm and/or suicidal thoughts 9am-5pm A&E Navigation Hub ALT Psychiatrist  (Monday – Friday)
Paediatric wards Navigation Hub ALT Psychiatrist  (Monday – Friday)
5pm-9am A&E contact bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Junior Doctor able to seek advice from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on call if urgent.
Paediatric wards contact bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Bleep holder at Caludon/ St Michael’s hospital Junior Doctor able to seek advice from Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist on call if urgent.




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