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Respiratory@home Virtual Ward


Referral for virtual monitoring of at risk suspected COVID-19 cases and those with long term respiratory conditions with pulse oximetry [formerly known as COVID Oximetry@home (virtual Ward)]




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Respiratory@home Covid Medicines Delivery Unit

Respiratory@home Virtual Ward

About the Respiratory@home Virtual Ward

CCG commissioned South Warwickshire GP Federation and Coventry & Rugby GP Alliance in a partnership to provide the COVID Oximetry@home Virtual Ward (now known as Respiratory@home) and now operates 8am-8pm everyday.

This service is for patients registered with a Coventry & Warwickshire GP

Service Description
  • A “virtual ward” to which patients with suspected / proven COVID19 or those with long term respiratory conditions who are not unwell enough to need admission
  • Patients will usually be monitored by the respiratory@home (Virtual Ward) for 7 days or longer as necessary.
  • Patients supported by a clinical team to report symptoms and act upon any deterioration.
  • Care Coordinator available from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.
  • Daily virtual ward round by a GP.
  • Patients will be admitted by GPs, 111 etc who fit the criteria below
  • The Care coordinator will speak with each admission to describe the service, what to expect and next steps.
  • Pulse oximeters are available for patients to be used for this service.
  • The patients will be asked to record their observations up to  3 times a day.
  • The patient will be told what to do if they deteriorate.
  • The Care Coordinator will call the patient each day to receive the results – alternatively patients can monitor themselves and contact the co-ordinator if required (pack only monitoring).
Admission criteria

Those identified as suitable will be admitted in line with the following criteria:

COVID Positive/clinically COVID and 18 years or over ( Paediatric referrals may be accepted if nMABs treatment required but not for monitoring) 

See below flowchart to support decision making for COVID-19 patients.

Click on image below for larger version if needed



Please email completed Respiratory@home referral form crgpa.respiratoryathome@nhs.net

As we are experiencing an ever increasing amount of Covid +ve referrals into our Respiratory@Home service can we please ask that all referrals detail the date of Covid positive testing (LFT) and also the date of start of symptoms where possiblethis ensures that patients are prioritised appropriately and in a timely manner for ward rounds and referral within the allocated treatment times.

Please ensure that your systems have been updated with the latest referral form that allows for this information to be recorded.

Click on form below or on referral form link right for document or EMIS merge version




3) Phone referral Tel: 07881 359254

Also Provide the patient with:

Pulse oximeter

Patient Pack / Monitoring Form – Follow link for document



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