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Respiratory@home Virtual Ward


Referral for virtual monitoring of at risk suspected COVID-19 cases with pulse oximetry (formerly known as COVID Oximetry@home (virtual Ward)




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Respiratory@home Covid Medicines Delivery Unit

Respiratory@home Virtual Ward

About the Respiratory@home Virtual Ward

CCG commissioned South Warwickshire GP Federation and Coventry & Rugby GP Alliance in a partnership to provide the COVID Oximetry@home Virtual Ward (now known as Respiratory@home) and now operates 8am-8pm everyday.

This service is for patients registered with a Coventry & Warwickshire GP

Service Description
  • A “virtual ward” to which patients with suspected / proven COVID19 who are not unwell enough to need admission
  • Patients will usually be monitored by the COVID Oximetry@home (Virtual Ward) for 14 days and longer as necessary.
  • Patients supported by a clinical team to report symptoms and act upon any deterioration.
  • Care Coordinator available 24/7.
  • Daily virtual ward round by a GP.
  • Patients will be admitted by GPs, EDs, Hot Hubs etc who fit the criteria below
  • The Care coordinator will speak with each admission to describe the service, what to expect and next steps.
  • Practices have been given a supply of pulse oximeters for patients to be used for this service.
  • If practices run out of pulse oximeters the COVID Oximetry@home can arrange for the delivery/collection of a pulse oximeter.
  • The patients will record their observations onto a diary 3 times a day.
  • The patient will be told what to do if they deteriorate.
  • The Care Coordinator will text/call the patient each day to receive the results.
Admission criteria

Not all patients with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 will need to be admitted to the Virtual Ward. Those identified as suitable will be admitted in line with the following criteria:

COVID Positive/clinically COVID and 65 years or over
COVID Positive/clinically COVID and clinically extremely vulnerable/shielding
COVID Positive/clinically COVID and where clinical judgement applies, taking into account COVID risk factors


See below flowchart to support decision making for COVID-19 patients.

Click on image below for larger version if needed



Referral can be made in 3 ways:

1) EMIS booking direct – Follow link for more information

2) Email completed Respiratory@home referral form crgpa.respiratoryathome@nhs.net


Click on form below or on referral form link right for document or EMIS merge version



3) Phone referral Tel: 07881 359254

Also Provide the patient with:

Pulse oximeter

Patient Pack / Monitoring Form – Follow link for document



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