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Migrant Health


Resources to support primary healthcare provision for migrant populations from Public Health England

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Counselling Service for Asylum Seekers Lodged in Warwickshire Hotels


Georgia Jaji, Manager of Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre Therapy Services

Email therapy@covrefugee.org or call our reception on 02476 227 254.
About the service
  • Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre have been funded to provide outreach support (counselling and wellbeing) to asylum seekers currently lodged in Warwickshire hotels.
  • GPs providing Primary Care Services to asylum seekers in the hotels are encouraged to make referrals in to the service where necessary using the attached referral form.
  • There are currently 4 adult / family asylum hotels – in Rugby/ Dunchurch / Stratford and Kenilworth.
  • We offer a specialist Mental Health & wellbeing service for individuals living in Coventry & surrounding areas who are seeking asylum in the UK or have been granted Refugee status.
  • Our team has been supporting adults for more than 18 years (since November 2003).
  • More recently we have extended our support to additional groups, such as those combatting destitution, and young people who arrived in the UK unaccompanied.

What we offer

  • Individual Counselling and Art Therapy.
  • Weekly sessions with a Counsellor / Psychological Therapist.
  • We provide support to clients whose past and current experience(s) have caused feelings of depression, low mood, anxiety, stress.
  • We have an experienced team who wish to support the emotional resilience of clients facing loss, displacement and trauma.
  • We operate a service Monday-Friday, offering individual counselling and art therapy sessions by appointment.
  • We are person-centred in our approach providing short-, mid- and long-term support depending on individual need.
  • We work alongside professional interpreters provided by Longo Links translations and interpretation service, enabling clients to express their thoughts and feelings in their own language.
Our aims
  • To provide a safe space and helping relationship, where individuals feel valued and listened to.
  • To support individuals who are processing feelings connected to their experiences.
  • To reinforce resilience and promote independence within a supportive network/community.
  • To support confidence and self-esteem for those adjusting to life following loss and displacement.

Arrivals from Ukraine: Advice for Primary Care

Please see updated incident specific recommendations for TB testing in children arriving from Ukraine. Arrivals from Ukraine: advice for primary care – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Improving Roma health: a guide for health and care professionals


‘Improving Roma health: a guide for health and care professionals’ has been made available on the OHID Migrant Health Guide.

This guidance was developed by the Roma Support Group, in collaboration with OHID and is aimed at healthcare professionals, team leaders and commissioners.

It sets out good practice and practical actions that can be taken in health services to break down barriers to care that people in Roma communities may experience.


Registration of Afghan Migrant Patients Guide (September 2021)

Guidance on ensuring the successful GP registration of Afghan Citizens and Families in temporary bridging accommodation

Quick read version – 30 September 2021

Some commissioners and providers have reported their rapid work to register individuals have been rejected by Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

The National Health Application and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) system is designed to reject registration requests when key demographic information is missing.

Mandatory data fields required for a successful GP registration are:

  • Title
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Address (this should be the address of the bridging hotel)
  • Date of Birth (if the individual is unsure, the practice should use 1 January and the year they think the patient was born or the date of birth that is used by the Home Office)
  • Gender

There is no regulatory requirement on any individual to prove their identity, address, immigration status, or have an NHS number to register.

Insufficient information can also be a reason for rejection and common reasons include:

1. No trace of address on Royal Mail postcode finder, Google or on NHAIS – this is often due to spelling errors.

2. For those new to the UK:

  • Incorrect ‘registration type’ selected
  • Birthplace not being provided (if the individual is unsure, agree an appropriate Birthplace with them)
  • Date of entry to the UK (for those evacuated from Kabul they may not know the precise date of entry between 13 August 2021 – 28 August 2021).

PCSE does not suspend practice registrations or limit the number of registrations that can be submitted.

Any GP practice experiencing delays in the registration of Afghan Citizens should contact PCSE CSC team directly on 03330142884 where the enquiry will be raised as a high priority review.

Interpreting Services

DA Languages – Interpreting services

Please find attached information on the translating and interpreting commissioned services available from DA Languages. 

DA Languages provides support through:

  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Face to Face Interpreting Spoken Languages and BSL
  • Written Translations and Transcriptions
  • Video Remote Interpreting

Raising a Face-to-Face Booking

Raising a Translation Booking

Telephony Interpreting- Long Guide

Telephony Interpreting – Short Guide

Video Remote Interpreting Guide

How to raise feedback

Please note for Telephony interpreting each practice will need to enter their own unique PIN- please find attached lists of your practice PIN for:

Migrant health guide: detailed information

Assessing patients

Migrant.Health Webpage

A tool for everyone in UK primary healthcare working to support new migrant patients, and a community to ask and respond to colleagues.

Follow link 

Resources include:

  • GP registration and appointment
  • Social prescribing
  • Antenatal and maternity care
  • Urgent and immediately necessary care
  • Data sharing
  • Using interpreters
  • Access to healthcare
  • Entitlements to primary care
  • Entitlements to secondary care



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Rugby & South Warwickshire Guidance  

WCC Hong Kong BNO Support

Hong Kong British National Overseas BN(O) Visa Holders Webpage now live

Please see a link to the WCC Hong Kong BNO webpage below. There is a facility on the page to translate it into Cantonese. An explanation about how to do this will be added to the page soon.

You will see a link to the Hong Kong BNO needs assessment questionnaire. This has already been circulated via the Hong Kong BNO social media groups.

The questionnaire has 21 questions which open up as you work through the form.

There are also  links to book on to the upcoming engagement sessions.


If in touch with any HongKongers in Warwickshire, please forward this information to them.

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