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Ophthalmology & Eye Casualty


New referral pathway for eye casualty referral (COVID-19 measures).


Eye Casualty and Ophthalmology Referrals (March 2020)

Please be advised of changes in the structure of Eye Casualty and the Outpatient clinics at University Hospital.

Eye Casualty

GPs can now share images for advice & guidance using Consultant Connect

Ophthalmology Photo Advice & Guidance Service has been launched and supported by UHCW Monday-Friday 9am-7pm.

Download the free Consultant Connect App from the App Store or Google Play.

Select the PhotoSAF (camera icon) feature at the bottom of the screen to take photos via your phone.

Alternatively upload photos from your desktop via the Consultant Connect dashboard and use these to access Photo Advice & Guidance.

The service is IG secure and you can follow the simple onscreen instructions to take photos and send them directly to consultants. You will receive a notification when the consultant replies to your query.

Please note that photos are stored in a secure online cloud and are never saved to your phone. Your photos will also be automatically sent to your NHS email address. To find out more about Photo Advice & Guidance for Ophthalmology, read this guide below (click on image for full size version)


DO NOT SEND patients to Eye Casualty without phoning in advance (see link right for Primary Care only contact details) or using a NHS.net email address to send completed referral forms (see attached) to: uhcw.eyecasualty@nhs.net

Direct access patient advice

For hours of opening see below – for all out of hours please follow the A&E pathways.



Urgent Ophthalmology Guidance
Urgent Referral Guidance

Click on each image below for further information






Diagnoses NOT to miss
  • Flashes, floaters, visual field defect – Think RETINAL DETACHMENT
  • Pain, vomiting, decreased vision, cloudy cornea and oval poorly-reactive pupil – Think ACUTE ANGLE CLOSURE GLAUCOMA
  • Any sudden loss of vision without rapid recovery – Think DISCUSSION WITH OPHTHALMOLOGY
  • Headache, droopy lid, diplopia (on lifting droopy lid) – Think 3rdNERVE PALSY
  • Headache, diplopia, disc swelling – Think RAISED ICP (causing 6thNerve Palsy)
  • Acute onset central visual distortion in an elderly person – Think WET AMD
  • Swollen red lids & eye (esp if reduced & painful eye movements) in systemically unwell patient – Think ORBITAL CELLULITIS
Ophthalmology clinic appointments

The majority of Eye Clinic regular appointments will be cancelled, postponed or converted to virtual clinics with non face-to-face consultations.

GP letters will not be issued unless there is a change of outcome or treatment.

These changes are being made in line with national guidance and will be kept under continuous review.

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