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About WOMENtalk

We are launching new weekly WOMENtalk sessions in Warwick and Nuneaton

This unique project targets women with mental health problems.

Sky Blues in the Community’s mental health team will start to deliver weekly sessions of WOMENtalk at:

St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre in Warwick (CV34 4QY), every Tuesday from 10:00am until 12:00 am and

Jubilee Sports Centre in Nuneaton (CV10 7EZ) starting on Friday 8th October from 12 noon till 1.30pm.

Each session is led by our Mental Health Officer with support from SBitC’s professional sports coaches. WOMENtalk is co-produced ensuring beneficiaries choose activities and discussions.

Course content varies based on selected modules but ice-breaking and get to know you activities help women feel welcomed and part of the group.

Beneficiaries participate in a range of sports and physical activities, which could include warm-ups, stretching, group exercises, team games, netball, badminton, cricket (and many other sports), yoga, Pilates, Zumba and creative activities.

We offer a menu of workshops related to mental health such as anxiety and stress management, feeling low, self-compassion, mindfulness, sleep hygiene, healthy eating, substance misuse and smoking cessation, among others.

We place an important emphasis on socialising and will ensure all beneficiaries are able to make friends and become more socially included after the challenges brought to our communities by the pandemic.


Contact Jack Clemons Mental Health Officer

Email – Jack.Clemons@sbitc.org.uk

Tel: 07494 734 264

We accept referrals through professionals and women can self-refer at any time.



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