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The Myton Hospices


About local hospice services for enhancing quality of life when cure is no longer an option

Latest Myton Hospice COVID-19 Statement

Further to my communication of the 15th July the process relating to the recent changes to The Myton Hospices service offer is now complete, details of the changes are outlined below.

Our Inpatient Units in Warwick and Coventry

On the 14th September we will take back occupancy of our Warwick Inpatient Unit from Warwick Hospital and we will be open for patients from the 28th September.

We will initially open 8 beds while new staff are completing training with the aim of having 16 available by the beginning of next year. Please note we will no longer be offering respite beds but we hope to have alternative means of supporting families and carers from next year.

When Warwick re-opens Coventry Inpatient Unit will temporarily drop to 12 available beds to allow for experienced staff to train new colleagues in Warwick, we intend to increase to 16 beds at Coventry by the end of the year.

We are currently reviewing our criteria and referral process to enable us to improve our flexibility and responsiveness, currently referrals should be made via our website, for assistance call 01926 838889

Wellbeing Services

During the pandemic we delivered our Wellbeing Services remotely giving patients and their families access to Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Living Well advice, Fatigue and Breathlessness strategies, Spiritual and Pastoral Care, Complementary Therapies, Counselling and our Lympheodema service.

We were able to support nearly 500 patients this way via 2,000 sessions of care and the feedback has been extremely positive.

In light of the success of this approach which includes the opportunity to support more patients, and our ongoing concerns about the risks of bringing vulnerable patients into our buildings we have made the decision to withdraw our eight – week Therapeutic programme in favour of remote delivery of the new Wellbeing services and this will now be rapidly progressed. In providing this support we will never have to discharge a patient or carer once they are known to us and we will be in an ideal position to quickly identify any concerns and step in or signpost accordingly.

In the fullness of time patients and carers will be able to attend our Day Units for assessment, appointments and support, individually and in groups – this will be developed when it is safe to do so and in line with what patients and carers tell us they need.

Referral to our any of our Wellbeing Services, which includes our Living Well programme, can be made by a healthcare professional involved in the patient’s care, by completing the online referral form found via The Myton Hospices website, alternatively patients can make a self-referral on 01926 838889 between 9.30 am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

Myton at Home

When we handed over Warwick Myton Inpatient Unit to Warwick Hospital we made a commitment to enhance our Myton at Home service in Leamington and Warwick so that Myton care would be available to patients in that area. As part of this we redeployed a number of Registered Nurses to the service which enabled us to support District nurses in the community. We did the same for our Myton at Home service in Rugby. The change was a success and patient numbers increased considerably, however this was at a significant extra cost to Myton which unfortunately is unsustainable especially at the current financially difficult time. Once we have moved back into Warwick the Registered Nurses will move back to Warwick IPU and Myton at Home will revert to being a service providing personal care and emotional support.

Referrals should be made via our website, for assistance call 01926 838889.

Spiritual and Pastoral Care

Changes in personnel along with growing needs and opportunities has enabled Myton and UHCW NHS Trust to collaborate in a new way to deliver spiritual and pastoral care within the acute hospitals, the hospices and in the community.  As from 1st September 2020, UHCW NHS Trust and The Myton Hospices have entered into a Service Level Agreement whereby the Trust will be responsible for the delivery of a chaplaincy service across the three Myton sites in Coventry, Warwick and Rugby. The Trust will also partner the Hospice in the development of support based in the community bringing together the Compassionate Communities service and hospice at home.

Simon Betteridge the current Lead Chaplain and Bereavement Services Manager at UHCW will manage the delivery of the provision for Myton. Jerry Lennon the new Patient, Family and Carer Support Services Lead at Myton will oversee the daily service delivery within the Hospices.

About Myton Hospices

The Myton Hospices believe that everyone matters for every single moment of their life, focusing on enhancing life when cure is no longer an option

“We are leaders in compassionate end of life care; our work centres on patient wellbeing and involving them in decisions about their care. Perhaps most importantly we give our patients more quality time with their loved ones”

See areas covered (click link)

Contact details

Coventry Myton Hospice

Clifford Bridge Rd, CoventryWest Midlands, CV2 2HJ Tel: 02476 841 900

Rugby Myton Hospice

Barby Rd, RugbyWarwickshire, CV22 5PY Tel:01788 550 085

Warwick Myton Hospice

The Myton Hospice, Myton LnWarwick, CV34 6PX Tel: 01926 492 518

Please note only healthcare professionals can make referrals, with the exception of Rugby Myton Day Hospice only.

If you would like to self-refer, or refer a loved one, to Rugby Myton Day Hospice only contact on 01788 550085.

Information on completion of referral form (click here or see right)

Link to general referral form (click here or see right)

Fatigue & breathlessness service

With MRC Dyspnoea grading of 3 or more:

  • Walks slower than others on level ground because of breathlessness, or has to stop for breath when walking at own pace
  • Stops for breath after walking about 100m or after a few minutes on level ground 3
  • Too breathless to leave the house, or breathless when dressing or undressing


  • Improve participants’ confidence in managing their breathlessness and fatigue
  • Reduce the frustration when breathlessness and fatigue limit function and ability
  • Develop understanding of the benefits of exercise
  • Increase participants’ confidence and resilience, helping to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
About the service
  • Day Hospice at Coventry Myton Hospice on Tuesday mornings (10.30am – 12.30pm)
  • Six-week course; participants can attend the first session with a partner or carer if they wish, the remaining five weeks are for participants only
  • Involves small groups of participants (up to 10)Multi-disciplinary team from Myton and the Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust (CWPT), and includes a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist, a Senior Nurse and a Consultant

COVID-19 Update

This service is open for referrals and is currently being delivered remotely by telephone or other virtual means.

The programme is designed to support people aged 18 and over who have a life limiting condition, for whom breathlessness is a core symptom, but who may also suffer from fatigue and / or anxiety.

The FAB programme aims to improve your confidence in managing your fatigue and breathlessness, enabling you to reduce your anxiety and regain some sense of control.

A core element of the programme is to have the opportunity to talk through your circumstances with an Occupational Therapist and a Physiotherapist.

  • The topics covered within the programme will be based upon your individual needs and may include: Practical strategies and techniques to manage breathlessness.
  • Practical strategies for managing fatigue.
  • Gentle exercise.
  • Sleep management.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Information about equipment and aids to help reduce fatigue and maintain independence.
  • Signposting to other services.

More information about Fatigue & Breathlessness (click here)

Lymphoedema Service

Based at Warwick Myton Hospice for patients of Coventry, Rugby and South Warwickshire.

For management of lymphoedema secondary to cancer and/or its treatment, with the aim of reducing and relieving symptoms of lymphoedema.

The swelling can affect arms, legs, body, head or genitals, and may cause heaviness, pain, tightness, loss of function, dry/hardened skin and make the patient more susceptible to episodes of cellulitis (inflammation of the tissues).

For more information please call 01926 838 806 or email Lymphoedema.clinic@mytonhospice.org

Nurse led bed referral service

Children & Teen Support

When children and young people are living with someone who is very ill or when someone special dies they may feel lonely, angry, confused, guilty, sad or isolated.

  • One-to-one counselling
  • Help support and educate the parent/carer on how they can help support their child/ren through this difficult time
  • Rainbow Ripples and MyTeens support groups

Rainbow Ripples (aged 5-12 years)

  • Weekend workshops for recently bereaved children between the ages 5 – 12 years old, held in a local school in Warwick over a Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hospice staff and trained volunteers run the group. You can meet other people of similar age and in a similar situation and, if you want, you can talk to them about what has happened.
  • Creative activities / games
  • Time to be with and talk with other children who are experiencing the same situation, with hospice staff and trained facilitators
  • MyTeens Group (aged 12-18 years)
  • Activities, e.g. laser quest, wall climbing, bowling etc.

Information for adults

  • As a parent / carer you can come along with your child on the Sunday of the Rainbow Ripples workshop (separate group to the children).
  • Sunday morning provides an opportunity to meet the team, see the progress your child has made and meet other parents/carers who themselves are adjusting to a different way of life as a family.
  • Parents/carers who attend have formed their own support group, they offer support and an invite to a pub lunch to newcomers.
  • The main carer of the children must give their consent for them to attend. Rainbow Ripples and MyTeens are completely FREE.
Myton Counselling Service

Contact the Counselling Department on Tel:  01926 838 820 or write to: Myton Counselling Department, Myton Lane, Warwick CV34 6PX

Who can be referred:

The Myton Hospices Counselling service is primarily for the use of hospice patients and their families and friends.

Any patient, family member or friend, meeting the above criteria may be referred if they are experiencing high levels of distress or anxiety or having difficulty coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis, deteriorating health or with a death in the family.

Counselling can also be helpful in working through relationship issues which are exacerbated by serious illness and changes roles within a family.

To download a copy of our “Supporting you and your family” leaflet please click here.

Counselling and emotional support

We offer one to one counselling to Myton patients and their families and support into bereavement.

Bereavement Support

Your experience of grief is as individual as you. You may have emotions of sadness, anger, guilt, relief or confusion and a feeling of being lost or overwhelmed. All these are a natural response yet they can be painful, hard work and exhausting. We offer one to one bereavement support to patients of Myton and their families.

To download a copy of “Helping You Through Bereavement” please click here.

Wellbeing Service

Works with patients, families and carers to support them in lots of different ways to improve their wellbeing and quality of life

Available to any adult with a terminal illness, whatever stage of their diagnosis they are at.

Our aim is to be alongside people for as long as possible, supporting them as their needs change.

Once a referral is received, we will arrange an initial meeting which will be done face to face at the patient’s home if possible, otherwise via telephone, online, or in a Myton Hospice.

Our specialist team of nurses and other healthcare professionals will work with the patient to provide whatever assistance is needed – and if we can’t do it, we’ll signpost to another organisation that can help.

Obviously during the pandemic we have had to change the ways we support people, and we are currently doing a lot online, but as things improve, we will be able to do more face to face.

Activities include relaxation, exercise, art and craft, gardening and we have guest speakers on a wide range of subjects – some activities may be delivered differently during the current restrictions.

The Wellbeing Service is there for anyone living with or caring for someone with a life limiting disease who needs specialist support, information, guidance, or help planning for the future or who just needs a coffee and a chat. People can refer themselves to the service by calling 01926 838889.

Alternatively a healthcare professional can make a referral – a GP, District Nurse, Consultant etc can contact our Referral and Discharge Team in the usual way.

Our wellbeing ‘drop-in’ sessions take place in our Day Units at Myton and are available on one day per week on each of our sites; Coventry – Monday morning and afternoon Rugby – Thursday morning and afternoon Warwick – Tuesday morning and afternoon

You are welcome to stay all day but please note lunch is not provided.

These sessions are for anyone with or caring for someone with a life limiting illness; no matter where you are in your disease pathway. We also welcome family members and friends. We aim to provide a space for you to have a cup of tea and to chat, hear tips and share your experience with other patients and carers.

You will also have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and group discussions.

Download Wellbeing Leaflet / Drop-in Sessions Leaflet here

Myton at Home Services
  • Myton at home service provides care & support during the day and night 7 days a week.
  • Following an assessment of individual needs a plan of care will be discussed and agreed with the patient and whoever they wish to be included.
  • During the day experienced staff will visit and provide personal care and emotional support.
  • When night care is provided an experienced carer will be in the home from 10pm – 7am to provide care throughout the night. Having an experienced carer in attendance can enable family and friends to sleep knowing that care is being provided.
  • Care staff will support with personal care and comfort needs.
  • The Myton at Home team recognise that this can be a very difficult time for patients and families and they are there to listen and support, providing information, advice and reassurance.

Carers wishing to provide care themselves, such as feeding or washing, can also seek advice or training from the Myton at Home team.

To find out more about Myton at Home please call the team on 01788 551 516 .

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