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Living Well Project


The Living Well Pilot Project is a new service based at Coventry Myton Hospice for adults living with a life limiting illness who are registered with a Coventry GP.

The Living Well Pilot Project is a new service based at Coventry Myton Hospice, for adults living with a life-limiting illness who are registered with a Coventry GP. The Living Well Project takes a person-centred approach to supporting and enabling individuals to manage some of the complex issues that can be challenging when living with a life limiting illness.
The aims of the project are to enable individuals to develop and build on coping strategies to enable them to adapt and live with their changing condition and situation. Following a holistic assessment with the Nurse coordinator to identify current concerns and priorities, individuals will be able to access agreed interventions facilitated by a range of skilled practitioners.

Interventions will be provided by members of the multi-professional team. The team comprises of a Nurse Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Complementary Therapists.

After an agreed plan of interventions or course of interventions, there will be a review with the Nurse Coordinator. The aim of the review is to assess the impact of the interventions and consider the next steps. It is envisaged that individuals will access the service for a period of time in relation to their current needs and priorities it is not anticipated that individuals will engage with the service long term. Following a review, outcomes may be discharge, further intervention, or linking to other services or resources to enable ongoing support.

Referral Criteria

The Living Well team welcomes referrals from health and social care professionals caring for people with:

  • A cancer diagnosis alongside associated local spread and/or metastasis.
  • Advanced non-malignant disease.

Those referred to the Living Well Project:

  • Should be able to travel independently to and from Coventry Myton Hospice.
  • Should be at a stage of their illness that does not require Day Hospice or In-Patient Care.
  • Should be registered with a Coventry GP.

A key aim of this project is to try to provide supportive interventions for people that are not traditionally regarded as Hospice patients and may well be earlier on in their illness trajectory.
Living Well Project contact telephone number: 02476 841 917

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