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Lymphoedema Clinics referral details

Lymphoedema treatment

The recommended treatment for lymphoedema is:

Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT).

DLT isn’t a cure for lymphoedema, but it can help control the symptoms. Although it takes time and effort, the treatment can be used to bring lymphoedema under control.

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About Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT)

There are four components to DLT:

  • Compression bandages  to complement exercise by moving fluid out of the affected limb and minimise further build-up
  • Skin care to keep the skin in good condition and reduce the chances of infection
  • Exercises to use muscles in the affected limb to improve lymph drainage
  • Specialised massage techniques known as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD); this stimulates the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system and reduces swelling

DLT is an intensive phase of therapy, during which the patient may receive daily treatment for several weeks to help reduce the volume of the affected body part.

This is followed by the maintenance phase using simple self-massage techniques, wearing compression garments, and continuing to exercise to maintain the reduced size of the affected body part.

Lymphoedema referrals

May be sent to one of the clinics below.

NHS referrals for adults with both Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema are accepted.


Lymphoedema Department St Giles Hospice Litchfield

Lymphoedema Clinic
St Giles Hospice
Fisherwick Road
WS14 9LH
T: 01543 434563

Referral form: see link on right of page

Leamington Lymphoedema Clinic

At Leamington Lymphoedema Clinic assessment and treatment is provided by Helen Stanley, a Chartered Physiotherapist and Registered Nurse. Helen hold an MSc in Health Care and is registered with the Health Professions Council/Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Please note Helen can only accept NHS referrals.

Helen can be contacted directly on 07760 166046.

The Cloisters, Lower Leam Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 1DA Tel: 01926 316 420 – 01926 316420 Mobile: 07760166046 Email: contact@lymphoedemaclinic.co.uk

Lymphoedema Service Myton Hospice Warwick

Based at Warwick Myton Hospice for patients of Coventry, Rugby and South Warwickshire.

For management of lymphoedema secondary to cancer and/or its treatment, with the aim of reducing and relieving symptoms of lymphoedema.

The swelling can affect arms, legs, body, head or genitals, and may cause heaviness, pain, tightness, loss of function, dry/hardened skin and make the patient more susceptible to episodes of cellulitis (inflammation of the tissues).

For more information please call 01926 838 806 or email Lymphoedema.clinic@mytonhospice.org

Referral form: see link on right of page

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