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Care Companion


Support, resources and wellbeing help for carers developed in collaboration between Carers, NHS healthcare teams, CCGs, Local Authorities and the University of Warwick

About Care Companion

The aim is to provide a unique, personalised experience for carers who are seeking additional help, advice and support or just looking for ideas to take time out.

Resources have been carefully chosen for being up to date, relevant and useful.

Registered users of the Care Companion can influence its future design and development by feeding back ideas and suggestions for content.

What does the Care Companion do?

The Care Companion has a number of useful tools.

Users are signposted to the most appropriate information for their situation after completing a user profile of 9 personalised questions leading to Resources, My Address Book, Diary and a To Do list.

  • Resources are articles and forms that Care Companion has found to match needs.
  • Address Book lists contact details of support groups relevant to location and requirement (own contacts can be saved here safely too).
  • Diary is a place for to record events, thoughts, changes in treatment. These can be download and printed for medical appointments if needed.
  • To Do list is a suggested list of tasks to do either on Care Companion or at home.
  • Mood Monitor to detect potential changes in mood over time

A guided tour explains how it works.

Link to Care Companion Website

FAQs page.




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