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Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson's disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. It can cause a wide variety of both movement (motor) and non-motor symptoms. Management becomes more complex as the disease progresses.

Referral guidance for suspected Parkinson’s disease

What to look for

  • Rest tremor
  • Slowness of movement
  • Limb stiffness
  • Loss of balance
  • Gradual onset of symptoms

Check for dopamine-blocking medications that cause drug-induced parkinsonism (eg antipsychotics, antiemetics such as prochlorperazine, metoclopramide, cyclizine)

What to do

Refer untreated to the UHCW Movement disorder clinic

Deterioration in Parkinson’s disease control

If a patient presents with deteriorating Parkinson’s control:

  • Please refer to the Anticipatory Care At Home guidance (see useful links section below)

Useful contacts:

Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Service

Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Service – follow this GP Gateway link to information page

If further medical advice is required please contact relevant community Parkinson’s nurse specialist:

  • Rachel Peskett (PDNS Coventry South and West) Tel 02476 237007 (9-11am weekdays) or fax 02476 237008
  • Jodie Cooke (PDNS Coventry North and East) Tel 02476 237007 (9-11am weekdays) or fax 02476 237008
  • Lynne Sayer (PDNS Central Warwickshire, including Rugby) Tel 01926 600818 option 2
  • Anita Hallett (PDNS North Warwickshire) Tel 01926 600818 option 2
  • Karen Wears/Maria Beddis (PDNS South Warwickshire) Tel 01926 600818 option 1

If PD nurse specialist is unavailable please contact a member of the PD specialist team at UHCW:

  • Dr Andrea Lindahl           Tel 02476 965216
  • Dr Lucy Strens                Tel 02476 965216
  • Dr Lara Teare                   Tel 02476 965114
  • Dr Analiza Grubneac       Tel 02476 965114
  • Hannah Martin/Bonita Bateman (UHCW hospital PD nurse specialists) Tel 02476 965209

If out of hours advice is required or PD consultant not available, please contact the on-call neurology registrar (9am-9pm) or consultant (24 hours) via UHCW switchboard (Tel 02476 964000)

Consider referring to Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language, or Physio  if carer likely to require extra support with additional therapy services or to try to prevent hospital admission. In Warwickshire contact Integrated Single Point of Access (ISPA) tel 01926 600818

For non-medical support please contact Local Parkinson’s UK Advisors:

  • Anne Sage (Coventry)                                 Tel 0344 2253762
  • Lisa Turley (Rugby)                                      Tel 0344 2253649
  • Rekha Tanna Hirani (South Warwickshire)   Tel 0344 2259821

 Additional useful information:

Coventry & Warwickshire Regional PD Service: follow link

Parkinson’s UK: follow link

West Midlands Parkinson’s Network: follow link

Anticipatory Care at Home Leaflet: follow link




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