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Advice & Guidance from Secondary Care and Psychiatry


Information about seeking advice & guidance from secondary care to avoid unnecessary referrals and safely obtaining timely and safe management advice. Consultant Connect service. Urgent Connect GP Liaison Service

Email Advice & Guidance

Secondary care departments (UHCW) can be emailed via the Advice & Guidance portal for advice on patient management or referral advice using a standard referral form that includes contact history, relevant medical history and records of recent investigations

The target for response is 2 days but most are processed within a week

Encrypted confidential advice will be received from secondary care consultants regarding:

  • appropriate referral advice
  • investigations, management & prescribing advice
  • some non acute surgical conditions (eg chronic breast pain) could be managed in this way
Urgent Connect GP Liaison Pre referral advice

See GP Liaison / Urgent connect page follow link

Specialist Telephone Advice & Guidance (Consultant Connect) from December 2018 for Coventry & Rugby

Practices will be contacted individually about the roll out programme across Coventry & Rugby CCG

The service will start initially with Gastroenterology

North Warwickshire practices are already able to use this service for George Eliot Hospital

How it works

  • GP calls the service using bespoke contact details whilst the patient is still with them to obtain Advice & Guidance from a local specialist.
  • The call is put straight through to a “rota” of local specialty consultants in 80% of cases. GPs are advised to call again 10 minutes later if no answer.
  • If a consultant on the rota does not answer the call, the call automatically loops through to the next consultant on the rota until the call is answered.
  • The GP speaks with the consultant, who offers immediate Advice and Guidance, and helps decide the appropriate course of action for the patient.
  • At the end of the call, the GP should rate the call outcome, for example “referral made” or “referral avoided” from the options offered.
  • A recording of the call is stored in compliance with GDPR for patient and medico-legal purposes and can be accessed for attachment to NHS patient records.
  • Consultant Connect has a full reporting suite, allowing instantaneous access to real time call statistics and referrals data.
  • Commissioners can see how many calls have been made from which GPs to which consultants.


  • Improving the patient experience (including time / cost / convenience)
  • Removing the wait for a response to a written application as everything is experienced in real time
  • Increasing clinician specialist knowledge through discussions with specialists
  • Reduced time spent on administration
  • Secondary care see a reduction in unnecessary referrals and workload
  • Improved communication
Consultant Psychiatrist GP Advice Line

If in doubt about a psychiatry referral or you wish for any other advice including about medication then call 02476 932420* (between 9.45am-4.30pm Monday to Friday) * number updated April 2018.

The telephone call will be followed by a formal letter summarising the management advice.

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