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GP Liaison Nurse & Consultant Connect Advice


The GP Liaison Service offers a single point of contact for emergency referrals or pre referral advice

GP Liaison Service: Urgent GP referrals to UHCW

A single point of contact for emergency referrals

Ensures that GPs are provided with the most appropriate pathway for their patients

Admission to UHCW Emergency Department / MDU  may not always be the most direct route for patients to receive the care they need

Fast-track clinics are available for patients to be seen as soon as possible by the most relevant specialty

The GP Liaison Nurse can advise and facilitate admission to the most appropriate specialist service according to individual patient needs

We are receiving many patients in the incorrect area, which may delay their care and impact patient experience. 

A completed “Referral Slip” should be given to each patient referred via GP Liaison. (click link or see link right)

The patient should present this slip (for copy see right) alongside their referral letter, to the reception of the receiving clinical area.

  • A dedicated single point of contact for GP emergency referrals
  • An improved direct phone line for communicating patient details
  • Email referral facility
  • Time saving in establishing contact with the on-call doctor
  • Redirection to appropriate specialist services and fast-track clinics
  • Reduces inappropriate emergency admissions

The service is available Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Advice when using the GP Liaison Service
  • There are alternative pathways and clinics within the Trust and the community to send your patients other than the Emergency Department / Medical Decisions Unit (MDU)
  • Please use the GP Liaison Service as designed.
  • Once you have spoken to the GP Liaison Nurse there is no requirement to speak with the admitting speciality (e.g. registrar), unless advised.
  • The Service will accept referrals from all primary care providers – Gp’s, Practice Nurses, ANP’s, Community Nurses, and Specialist Nurses.
  • Referrals can be made via telephone, bleep or email. We aim to answer emails within 10 minutes.
  • Please give NHS Number, GP name, phone number and a brief history when calling.
  • The service takes referrals for all specialities except Neurosurgery and Children.
  • Always address your letter to the speciality you wish to see the patient.
  • Always include a completed referral slip.
  • Please do not give out the GP Liaison Number to patients.

Email for referrals: uhc-tr.uhcw-gpliaison@nhs.net

Consultant Connect & Urgent Connect Pre-referral Advice & Guidance Telephone Service

Updated speciality services available on Consultant Connect – pre-referral Advice and Guidance telephone services at UHCW and supported by a National Network of NHS Consultants.

  • Acute Medicine
  • Cardiology **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Diabetes **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Elderly Care **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • GP Liaison Line
  • Gastroenterology (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Gynaecology **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Haematology **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Ophthalmology **NEW** (9am – 7pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Paediatrics **NEW**9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Respiratory **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Rheumatology **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Teledermatology **NEW** (9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri)
  • Urology **NEW** (9am – 8pm, Mon-Fri)

Allowing GPs to talk directly to a specialised Consultant or Registrar when they are unsure as to whether referring or admitting a patient to hospital is the best course of action for the patient.

Available Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm (excluding bank holidays) – unless otherwise stated.

Please note: This line should not be used to admit patients. Definite admissions should be made through GP Liaison as usual.

Using the Consultant Connect pre referral Advice and Guidance service in place of referrals or written A&G could mean:

  • Reduced use of ERS, saving staff time
  • Increased patient care and engagement

Select the outcome at the end of your call; this assists evaluation of the benefit for patient care.

Options are as follows:-

  • Patient Treated Out of Hospital (press Opt 1)
  • Patient Navigated To Clinic or Outpatients (press Opt 2)
  • Patient Admitted (press Opt 3)
Ophthalmology Photo Advice & Guidance

Ophthalmology Photo Advice & Guidance Service has been launched and supported by UHCW Monday-Friday 9am-7pm.

Download the free Consultant Connect App from the App Store or Google Play.

Select the PhotoSAF (camera icon) feature at the bottom of the screen to take photos via your phone.

Alternatively upload photos from your desktop via the Consultant Connect dashboard and use these to access Photo Advice & Guidance.

The service is IG secure and you can follow the simple onscreen instructions to take photos and send them directly to consultants. You will receive a notification when the consultant replies to your query.

Please note that photos are stored in a secure online cloud and are never saved to your phone. Your photos will also be automatically sent to your NHS email address. To find out more about Photo Advice & Guidance for Ophthalmology, read this guide below (click on image for full size version)

Click on above image for full size version

PLEASE REMEMBER to select the outcome at the end of your call; this assists us to assess a conclusion to your patient’s treatment.  Options are as follows:-

  • Referrals Avoided (press Opt 1)
  • Referral Made (press Opt 2)
  • Diagnostics Requested (press Opt 3)
  • Admission Avoided (press Opt 4)
  • Admission Made (press Opt 5)

If you need further assistance / information on using Consultant Connect please do not hesitate to contact Clare.Weston@coventryrugbyccg.nhs.uk or Mark.Roscoe@coventryrugbyccg.nhs.uk

Consultant Connect TeleDermatology

Download the free Consultant Connect App from the App Store or Google Play.

Select PhotoSAF (camera icon) at the bottom of the screen. All images will also be sent to your NHS email address along with a PDF summary.

To find out more about how to use TeleDermatology, click on the image below


When performing remote consultations you can now use the IG secure Consultant Connect Platform to upload photos from patients for specialist opinion:

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