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How to Import Documents and Templates into EMIS


How to Import an EMIS Document

EMIS documents are ewdt files which you cannot read anywhere other than in EMIS

The referral document will need to be saved to your desktop or a folder on your PC without opening and then imported from within EMIS as follows:

How to Unprotect a Document in EMIS to Edit a Field Entry

There are 2 ways to Unprotect a document in EMIS

The slow way within EMIS

To Unprotect a document In EMIS

Click File

Under Protect Document Click on Restrict editing

Then Click on Stop protection bottom right of the screen

This should allow the document to be edited

The Slow setup then Quick way easy to access in EMIS (This is what I recommend)

Search Word can be 2013, 2016 etc click on Word

Click on Show below the ribbon

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