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Rainbow Badge Initiative


Support resources for LGBT populations (CCG initiative)

NHS Rainbow Badges Initiative

Rainbow Badges is an initiative that gives staff a way to show that Coventry & Rugby and Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Groups offer open, non-judgemental and inclusive care for patients and their families, who identify as LGBT+ ie lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (the “+” simply means that we are inclusive of all identities, regardless of how people define themselves)

The Rainbow Badge initiative originated at Evelina London Children’s Hospital to make a positive difference by promoting a message of inclusion.

What do I need to do?

Currently the initiative scheme has been funded and rolled out to CCG employees only.

There is an implementation toolkit which has been produced and is available for distribution which includes funding advice, supporting design materials, templates as well as a roll–out case study.

For further information for GP practices, PCNs or other health organisations who are interested in running and funding the scheme  please email: Contactus@warwickshirenorthccg.nhs.uk

Why wear a badge?

By choosing to wear this badge, you are sending a message that ‘you can talk to me’.

You aren’t expected to have the answers to all issues and concerns but you are a friendly ear, and will know how to signpost people to the support available.

Lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBT+) patients face inequalities in their experience of NHS healthcare.

A recent Stonewall survey published in Nov 2018 estimates that one in five LGBT+ people are not out to any healthcare professional about their sexual orientation when seeking general medical care, and one in seven LGBT+ people avoid treatment for fear of discrimination.

Despite the progress made towards LGBT+ equality in recent years, many LGBT+ people still face significant barriers to leading healthy, happy and fulfilling lives, with high rates of poor mental health and challenges when accessing healthcare services a contributing factor.

Increased awareness of the issues surrounding LGBT+ people when accessing healthcare on the part of NHS staff can make significant differences to their experience, and in turn on their physical and mental health.

If you want to find out more about the challenges faced in relation to sexuality and gender, please read Stonewall’s LGBT+ in Britain health report. It’s not just about wearing a badge—there are simple things we can all do to promote inclusion, such as:

  • Using inclusive language in all discussions
  • Affirming the identity that a person chooses to use
  • Assuring confidentiality

You may be the first person someone has ever felt confident enough to open up to about how they feel, especially with the younger LGBT+ community.  For them, it may be one of the most important moments of their life, and how you respond to it is something they will remember and can play a key role in making the overall experience better.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) have recognised the important role of paediatricians and embedded specific LGBT+ content within the progress curriculum.

Potentially, even the perception that discrimination might happen is enough to cause harm. Simple visible symbols, such as these rainbow badges, can make a big difference for those unsure of both themselves and of the reception they will receive if they disclose their sexuality and/or gender identity.

What do I do if a person opens up to me?

The badges aren’t designed as a symbol intended to prompt people to open up to you, but they may prompt a person to disclose information about their own sexuality or gender identity, perhaps for the first time.

Wearing a badge doesn’t mean you’ll have all the answers but most importantly you should be prepared to listen and signpost to relevant information.

What should I do if I feel I need to escalate a conversation?

Occasionally, you may feel that someone may need more immediate support, or that they are at risk.

If you are specifically worried that there is an immediate or serious risk to the patient’s physical or mental health, then you should escalate to the Safeguarding team in line with your practice procedure.

For non-urgent queries, you can email the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Network at the CCG at: Contactus@warwickshirenorthccg.nhs.uk.

Where to signpost patients for support:

Please see Database of Local & National Organisations for advice below, or attached page right suitable for printing

Got a question about the project? Please email Contactus@warwickshirenorthccg.nhs.uk

Resources For Adults

Stonewall have excellent resources to support LGBT+ including coming out and questions you may have https://www.stonewall.org.uk

Switchboard offers a telephone advice line dedicated to supporting LGBT+ offering empathy and insight to help with whatever you want to talk about. Nothing is off limits, and they understand how anxious you might feel before you pick up the phone. https://switchboard.lgbt/

Resources for Younger people

Albert Kennedy Trust   provides support for LGBT+ young people who are homeless or living in a hostile home environment     https://www.akt.org.uk/

Stonewall  have excellent resources to support LGBT+ including information for young people who are coming out for the first time https://www.stonewall.org.uk/help-advice/coming-out/coming-out-young-person

Juno Dawson’s “This Book is Gay” is a guide to sexuality and gender for young people, written by a young adult author

Gendered Intelligence is a not-for-profit community interest company aiming to increase understanding of gender diversity—they have produced A Guide for Young Trans People in the UK. Contact: Jay Stewart (CEO) Gendered Intelligence  http://genderedintelligence.co.uk/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/GenderedIntelligence  Twitter: @JayAStewart

Mermaids charity work to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people with lots of useful information about gender on their website for young people and their families https://www.mermaidsuk.org.uk/

Directory of LGBT+ support organisations

Switchboard LGBT+ provides information, support and referral service for lesbians, gay men and bisexual and trans people—and anyone considering issues around their sexuality and/or gender identity Helpline: 0300 330 0630 (10am-10pm every day)

The Bisexual Index – A collaborative network of activists and other UK bisexuals, working together for a change in the way people view bisexuality and bisexuals. Contact: Unit 11 Angel Wharf, 58 Eagle Wharf Road, London, N1 7ER Twitter: www.twitter.com/bisexualindex Email@bisexualindex.org.uk www.bisexualindex.org.uk

Specific Services For Children and Young People

Gendered Intelligence (GI)Gendered Intelligence runs arts programmes, creative workshops, mentoring, youth group sessions and camping trips for trans youth (under 25) across the UK. Contact: Jay Stewart (CEO) genderedintelligence.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/GenderedIntelligence Twitter: @JayAStewart

Mermaids – Support and information for children and teenagers who are trying to cope with gender identity issues and for their families and carers. Tel: 0844 334 0550  Email: info@mermaidsuk.org.uk www.mermaidsuk.org.uk

Albert Kennedy Trust – Organisation focused on the housing needs of LGBTQI young people. Contact: 48 The Chocolate Studios, 7 Sheperdess Place, London, N1 7LJ
Tel: 020 7831 6562 www.akt.org.uk

Services For Friends and Family Support

Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG)FFLAG is a national organisation dedicated to supporting parents and their lesbian, gay and bisexual daughters and sons. They offer support through a central telephone helpline, email and website Helpline: 0854 652 0311 (9am–9pm) Email: info@fflag.org.uk www.fflag.org.uk

Depend – An organisation offering free, confidential and non-judgmental advice, information and support to all family members, partners, spouses and friends of transsexual people Contact:BM Depend, London, WC1N 3XX Email: info@depend.org.uk www.depend.org.uk

Faith-based Groups

One Body One Faith (formerly Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement) – Christians challenging homophobia and providing support for LGBT Christians. Activities in various locations.Tel: 01636 673 072 www.onebodyonefaith.org.uk

Safra Project – The Safra Project is working on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally (Muslim LBT women). Facebook: www.facebook.com/safra-project-116664066494

Jewish Lesbian and Gay Group Primarily a social rather than religious group and most of their religious events tend to follow Progressive/Reform traditions although they do have Orthodox members. Tel: 07504 924742 Email: info@jglg.org.uk  www.jglg.org.uk

Imaan – Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam. It provides a safe space and support network to address issues of common concern. Runs an on-line network. Contact: 159 Mile End Road, London, E1 4AQ Helpline: welfare@imaan.org.uk Tel: 020 3393 5188 Email: imaanlgbtq@gmail.com www.imaan.org.uk

Persian LGBT Advisory Services – A national asylum and refugee organisation which provides support and assistance to Persian speakers such as Afghan, Tajikistan and Iranian Asylum seekers in the UK. Contact: Mr Mazyar (Maani) Shirali 1 Piers Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 0UY
Tel: 0844 772 1985 Email: mshirali@persianlgbt.org.uk  www.persianlgbt.org

Gender Identity/Trans Organisations

GIRES – Aims to inform the wider public of issues surrounding gender identity and transsexualism. It is also a resource for gender dysphoric people and their families, medical and other professionals who provide their care. Tel: 01372 801554 Email: info@gires.org.uk www.gires.org.uk

The Gender Trust – Aims to inform the wider public of issues surrounding gender identity and transsexualism. It is also a resource for gender dysphoric people and their families, medical and other professionals who provide their care.Tel: 01527 894 838 Email: info@gendertrust.org.uk www.gendertrust.org.uk

Gendered Intelligence (GI) – Gendered Intelligence runs arts programmes, creative workshops, mentoring, youth group sessions and camping trips for trans youth (under 25) across the UK.Contact: Jay Stewart (CEO) www.genderedintelligence.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/GenderedIntelligence Twitter: @JayAStewart

Transgenderzone – A UK-based web resource containing information on many aspects of trans living, including health and social care www.transgenderzone.com

Beaumont Society – Provides advice and support for transvestite people, but also has some transsexual members. Runs local groups and produces a newsletter and publications. The Society also keenly promotes the better understanding of the Transgender, transvestitism and gender dysphoria. Contact: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3XX Tel 01582 412220 www.beaumontsociety.org.uk

Other Specialist Services

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group – Helpline and support meetings offering information and advice for lesbians and gay men on claiming asylum and other immigration issues. Contact: 32-36 Loman Street, London, SE1 0EH Helpline: 020 7922 7811 (Mon–Fri, 10am–5pm)
Tel: 020 7922 7812 (admin) Email: admin@uklgig.org.uk www.uklgig.org.uk

Stonewall Housing – A specialist LGBT housing advice, referrals service and support provider. Providing housing support for LGBT people in their own homes, supported housing for young LGBT people, free confidential housing advice for LGBT people of all ages. Helpline: 020 7359 5767 Tel: 020 7359 6242 (admin) Email: info@stonewallhousing.org www.stonewallhousing.org

Pink Law (Legal Advice Centre) – A free legal advice center for the LGBT community provided by volunteers from Queen Mary’s, University of London.Tel: 020 7882 3931 Email: lac@qmul.ac.uk

Alzheimer’s Society – Provides telephone support for lesbians and gay men caring for someone with dementia.Tel: 0300 222 1122 Email: lcooper@alzheimers.org.uk www.alzheimers.org.uk/helpline

Specialist Local Services

Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership – Challenging hate across Warwickshire. This site is here to help raise awareness of hate crime, offer support and provide an alternative, easy way for you to report incidents that occur in Warwickshire. Tel: 01788 863 117 Email: info@reporthatenow.com https://www.reporthatenow.com

Clarity Wellbeing Clinic – Supporting members of the LGBTQ community in Nuneaton, Hinckley, Tamworth, Atherstone, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.
We aim to help and support people come to terms with their sexuality and gender identity, as we understand it can be/is difficult for many of us.  We will encourage you to be you, and no-one else.

Tel: 02477 180333  Email: hello@claritywellbeingclinic.co.uk (to make an appointment) https://www.claritywellbeingclinic.co.uk/lgbtq

EQuIP – Equality & Inclusion Partnership – have been providing support, advice and training to Warwickshire. EQuIP’s aim is to eliminate discrimination in all its forms, all across Warwickshire

Tel: 01788 863 117 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm Email: advice@equipequality.org.uk https://www.equipequality.org.uk/

Victim Support – If you’ve been the victim of or a witness of Hate Crime, there’s always something you can do about it. If you make a report to EQuIP, it gives us valuable information, but more importantly, it means that we can give you the advice and support that you need.

Tel: 01926 682 693. Lines are open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-5pm on Saturdays. https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/



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