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Ambulatory Pleural clinic


The Ambulatory Pleural clinic at UHCW NHS Trust for lung / respiratory disease

Ambulatory Pleural clinic at UHCW NHS Trust Ward 31

Monday & Wednesday mornings

Referral Criteria:

Stable patients with :-

  • CXR unexplained unilateral pleural effusion
  • Refilling malignant effusion

Clinically stable patients will be reviewed within a week of referral to pleural service

Referral to include:

  • Indication
  • Brief history
  • Medications
  • Allergies & Contraindications
  • Prior Investigations: Bloods for FBC U&Es CRP LFTs  Urine dipstick Coagulation screen

Please see right for a link to the referral Pathway


  • Bilateral effusion
  • R>30 / min
  • BP < 100/60
  • HR>90
  • Fever

Refer by NHS E-referral service or Lauren Kirby 02476 967695 Respiratory Pathway Coordinator (email LaurenEmma.Kirby@uhcw.nhs.uk)

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