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Home Oxygen


Guidance on home oxygen

NHS Improvement COVID-19 Update on Oxygen Supply



This guide will support non specialist teams who need to order home oxygen for palliative and cluster headache patients (normally following a consultant recommendation and not already under the care of a Home Oxygen Assessment and Review [HOS-AR] team).

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Home oxygen supply during COVID-19 outbreak:

2 April 2020

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COVID-19 Home oxygen concentrators update:

2 April 2020

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Ordering of Home Oxygen Post October 2012

Requires the completion of a Home Oxygen Order Form or HOOF.

There are two versions:

  • HOOF B is ONLY to be completed by the Home Oxygen Assessment Service (HOS-AR at UHCW) after formal assessment of a patient.
  • HOOF A is for GPs, Hospital Doctors, Nurses when necessary to order home oxygen in an EMERGENCY before specialist assessment


A HOOF A will only allow the temporary ordering of static oxygen i.e. an oxygen concentrator, and not portable cylinders.

Any patient who you think requires portable oxygen must be assessed by the HOS-AR (Home Oxygen Service – Assessment and Review) prior to them ordering any oxygen.

HOS-AR service is provided by UHCW across multiple sites including City of Coventry Health Centre, UHCW and Rugby St Cross. Click above for referral via Respiratory Department

Any patient having home oxygen ordered must sign a Home Oxygen Consent Form (HOCF) prior to their personal details being shared with the regional oxygen provider company (Baywater Healthcare).

An Initial Home Oxygen Risk Mitigation form (IHORM) must be filled out with the patient, prior to ordering oxygen. Both forms should be kept in your patients notes.

All sections marked by * on the HOOF form MUST be completed. Baywater Healthcare will attempt to verify any missing information by contacting the orderer by phone. If this is not possible, the HOOF will be rejected back to the orderer and the HOS-AR service informed.

  1. Baywater Clinician Hotline 01270 218050 will provide specialist information and advice if needed. A pin number may be required. Link to Baywater Healthcare Website for Clinician and Patient resources

Lead Contact: Rhea Fielding, Clinical Scientist, Lead for Oxygen, UHCW,  telephone number 02476 966734.



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