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Home Oxygen Service – Assessment & Review HOS-AR


Guidance on home oxygen

About Ordering of Home Oxygen

Ordering home oxygen requires the completion of a Home Oxygen Order Form or HOOF.

There are two versions of the HOOF a HOOF A and a HOOF B.

HOOF B is only to be completed by the Home Oxygen Assessment Service (HOS-AR) based at UHCW following formal assessment of a patient.

For all other staff where it is necessary to order home oxygen in an emergency, then a HOOF A should be completed.

A HOOF A will only allow the ordering of static oxygen i.e. an oxygen concentrator, and not portable cylinders.

Any patient who you think requires portable oxygen must be assessed by the HOS-AR (Home Oxygen Service – Assessment and Review) prior to them ordering any oxygen.

Any patient having home oxygen ordered must sign a Home Oxygen Consent Form (HOCF) prior to their personal details being shared with the oxygen provider company (Baywater Healthcare).

You must also complete an Initial Home Oxygen Risk Mitigation form (IHORM) with the patient, prior to ordering oxygen. Both forms should be kept in your patients notes.  

In summary;

  1. Non – specialists (GP’s, hospital doctors, nurses) can only order oxygen using a HOOF A.
  2. This will allow the temporary provision of static oxygen only.
  3. These patients will then require referral to the local HOS-AR service for a full oxygen assessment. Following the specialist assessment a HOOF B will be completed if required (specifying static and ambulatory requirements including the most appropriate equipment) or the patient will be educated with regard to oxygen requirements and a procedure put into place for oxygen removal.

The HOOF A, HOCF and IHORM can be accessed by going onto the GP Gateway which will also have information about oxygen prescribing.

All sections marked by * on the HOOF form MUST be completed. Baywater Healthcare will attempt to verify any missing information by contacting the orderer by phone. If this is not possible, the HOOF will be rejected back to the orderer and the HOS-AR service informed.

There is a clinician hotline now available from Baywater, 01270 218050 and this will provide specialist information and advice if needed. A pin number may be required.

The HOS-AR service is provided by UHCW at both the Coventry UHCW site and at The Hospital of St Cross.

UHCW Contact:

Any queries regarding the changes and the service please contact the Home Oxygen Team at UHCW,  telephone number 02476 966734.   


Ordering Home Oxygen through OxyShop – About OxyShop

HOOFs submitted to support West Midlands based NHS patients must now be submitted via the West Midlands online home oxygen ordering system – OxyShop.

Submission of Home Oxygen Order Forms (HOOFs) via email will no longer be permitted in the West Midlands from Friday 1st October 2021.

HOOFs submitted via email will be rejected and will not be actioned by the regional supplier, Baywater Healthcare Limited.

It is important that you do not submit a HOOF if it is not appropriate for you to do so.

If you are an existing user of OxyShop with an active Oxyshop user account, please visit www.oxyshop.org and submit your HOOF using your unique login details.

To access OxyShop support tools, please visit OxyShop Support. Here you will find guidebooks and support videos to help you access and use OxyShop.

Link to OxyShop Home Support Page – Online Home Oxygen Requests


OxyShop Team NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU: Mon–Fri (excluding Bank Holidays) 08:00 – 16:00

Tel: 0121 612 2806/1675

Email: oxyshop.service@nhs.net

Web: www.oxyshop.org

Baywater helpline: 0800 373 580 (Outside of normal operational hours) for support with accessing OxyShop or with processing your HOOF in emergency only circumstances.






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Coventry Guidance  

UHCW Contact:

Any queries regarding the changes and the service please contact the Home Oxygen Team at UHCW,  telephone number 02476 966734.   


North Warwickshire Guidance  

Update: as of Monday 19th February 2024 the Cardio-Respiratory Unit/ Community diagnostic centre will no longer accept hand written referrals. We receive a significant number of hand written referrals that either have incorrect patient demographic information or are illegible leading to incorrect patient information being registered. This will include the following referrals:

  • Respiratory Diagnostic referral
  • Assessment of sleep disordered breathing
  • Home oxygen therapy
  • Breathlessness clinic
  • Echocardiography
George Eliot Hospital Referral Considerations

Long term oxygen therapy is used for the treatment of chronic hypoxia.

Evidence has shown that the use of oxygen therapy in patients with reduced oxygen saturation of <92% has beneficial use.

There is no evidence to support the benefit of short burst oxygen, however in some cases it may be deemed appropriate in supporting palliative care.

Patients requiring immediate end of life care do not require a referral to the HOSAR team. Please complete and HOOF A for these patients.


Please email this form to geh.hosar@nhs.net


For any enquiries please phone 02476865128

to speak to a member of the HOSAR team.

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