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Rhinoplasty Septorhinoplasty Septoplasty


Rhinoplasty changes the appearance of the nose often using a graft or implant. Septorhinoplasty straightens or repairs the septum that separates the nostrils and alters the shape of the nose. Septoplasty repairs a deviated septum to improve breathing.

Rhinoplasty Septorhinoplasty Septoplasty

These procedures should not be carried out and will not be funded for cosmetic reasons.

If the patient has had previous nasal surgery, revision will only be undertaken for functional reasons and not to improve appearance.

Referral Criteria (ONE of the following applies) :

The patient has a nasal deformity causing significant nasal blockage / obstruction

The patient has a nasal deformity associated with specific recognised facial congenital disorders

The patient does not complain of nasal obstruction but there is significant nasal deformity and there is a history of documented recent trauma (ie within 6 months of referral)

The patient has a history of trauma causing nasal deformity in childhood

The patient has a presentation of nasal septum perforation and has a workup to ascertain aetiology including history and examination with further investigations as necessary


The patient has a nasal septum perforation where the defects are any ONE of the following (please select):

  • Symptomatic (whistling, blowing, crusting, bleeding, pain, excessive rhinorrhoea, snoring) regardless of size
  • Iatrogenic in causation (endoscopy, medication induced) regardless of size
  • Neoplastic, regardless of size
  • Where the causation is found to be medical in nature, regardless of size
  • Defect larger than 1cm AND the patient is symptomatic AND surgical treatment is recommended by a specialist in ENT surgery AND conservative treatments have failed to control the symptoms
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