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Recurrent Tonsillitis and Tonsillectomy (Adults & Children)


Surgery to remove the tonsils is known as a tonsillectomy.

Recurrent Tonsillitis and Tonsillectomy


Please note: Suspected tonsillar malignancy is an unequivocal indication for tonsillectomy, and not subject to the criteria below.

Please confirm that the patient meets the criteria for ONE of the sections below:

Section a

The patient has recurrent sore throat due to acute tonsillitis and the following documented evidence applies:

  • SEVEN or more documented, clinically significant, adequately treated sore throats in the preceding ONE year  OR
  • FIVE or more episodes in each of the preceding TWO years OR
  • THREE or more episodes in each the preceding THREE years

Please provide the dates of the recorded diagnosed episodes of clinically significant sore throat/tonsillitis

If the patient has not met any of the diagnosis frequency criteria above, please indicate which of the following alternative eligibility criteria are met:

Section b

  • Following specialist assessment, the patient has acute and chronic renal disease resulting from acute bacterial tonsillitis AND/OR
  • Following specialist assessment, this intervention is part of the treatment of severe guttate psoriasis AND/OR
  • Following specialist assessment, the patient has metabolic disorders where periods of reduced oral intake could be dangerous to their health AND/OR
  • Following specialist assessment, the patient has Periodic fever, Aphthous stomatitis, Pharyngitis, Cervical adenitis (PFAPA) AND/OR
  • Following specialist assessment, the patient has severe immune deficiency that would make episodes of recurrent tonsillitis dangerous

Section c

  • Patient has a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea associated with tonsillar enlargement,
  • supported by a sleep study or other accepted method of diagnosis

Section d

  • Patient has had one episode of peri-tonsillar abscess (recurrent quinsy)


Section e

Patient has tonsillar enlargement causing acute upper airway obstruction requiring emergency surgery





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