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Cancer Screening & Early Diagnosis


The use of Cancer Research UK facilitators and resources to improve early detection rates

About Cancer Research UK facilitator resources

See link right for 2WW GP Gateway Guidance

NICE Guidelines 12 Interactive Desk Easel (follow link)

NICE Guidelines 12: Suspected Cancer Recognition and Referral

Simple document summarising the guidelines

Urgent Referral Patient Leaflet (follow link)

Designed to be handed to patient when a 2WW referral has been made.

Contains information on what the patient has been referred for and what to expect next

Safety Netting Workbook (follow link)

Safety netting is a ‘diagnostic strategy’ or ‘consultation technique’ and requires effective systems and processes to ensure timely re-appraisal of a patient’s condition

This workbook identifies whether the practice have systems in place to ensure that all clinical staff and locums are aware of safety netting priorities and are following best practice

Cervical Screening GP Good Practice Guide (follow link)

The guide will provide information on some of the barriers to participation in the cervical screening programme and the details of tried and tested interventions that could be used in practice, to encourage participation (through informed choice).

Bowel Screening GP Good Practice Guide (follow link)

Bowel screening is a key way to save lives from bowel cancer.

It aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage before symptoms have a chance to develop. It may also help to prevent bowel cancer through the identification and removal of potentially harmful adenomas

Primary care involvement in the bowel screening programme can really drive engagement.

This guide will help brief GPs on the latest developments within the programme and suggest ways that they can get involved.

How To Do a Bowel Screening Kit 

Pictorial description of how to collect a poo sample to complete the bowel screening test

Key Things to Know About FIT

The Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) is a type of faecal occult blood test used to detect traces of human blood in stool samples.

FIT can be used:

  • As the primary test in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BCSP), aimed at individuals without symptoms
  • As a test to guide the management of individuals who present with symptoms (symptomatic)

There are significant differences between each use of FIT which are important for health professionals to be aware of. See additional information

Bowel Screening Update October 2021

About CR UK Facilitators in Primary Care


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