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DESMOND (Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed)


About DESMOND (Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed)

For people who have been identified as ‘at risk’ of developing type 2 we have a FREE to attend national diabetes prevention programme which supports changes to lifestyle to prevent development of type 2 diabetes.

People who have Type 2 diabetes are invited to attend a FREE education session where you will discuss practical skills and advice relating to your diabetes including food choices, activity and medication.

The course can be accessed by people that have newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and those that have established type 2 diabetes, the course can be accessed every year.

Course content

  • Thoughts and feelings of the participants around diabetes
  • Understanding diabetes and glucose: what happens in the body
  • Understanding more about monitoring and medication
  • Understanding the risk factors and complications associated with diabetes
  • How to take control – Food Choices & Physical Activity
  • Planning for the future

Helping you to take control of your Diabetes!

About the DESMOND programme

Type 2 Diabetes is a common lifelong condition that can affect a person’s everyday life. The DESMOND programme is designed to help people manage the changes Diabetes can bring to their life. It provides an opportunity to meet and share experiences with others as the course is run with 10 people

DESMOND is an education programme designed to support the person with Diabetes to become the expert and manage their own condition.

Educators are there to help increase knowledge and understanding of what it means to have Diabetes, but at the end of the day, it is the person who needs to be in control and making the decisions.

DESMOND can help people to:

  • Improve their Diabetes
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce the amount of medication needed
  • Reduce stress and tiredness.

Access Criteria

There is one central referral point and sessions are delivered across Coventry, Rugby and Warwickshire North thanks to a partnership with University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) and South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT).

To access the service patients must be over 18, have a confirmed diagnosis of type 2 Diabetes and not attended a structured education session in the past 12 months.

Patients can be referred from their Practice or can self-refer themselves.

Telephone: 0808 169 1225
Email: crgpa.desmondreferrals@nhs.net

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