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Urology – 2WW


Information and referral forms for 2WW Urology



Indications for an urgent referral for a suspected new malignancy in line with NICE Guidelines are:

Unexplained visible haematuria without UTI ≥45 years

Visible haematuria persisting/recurring after UTI treatment ≥45 years

Non-visible haematuria + dysuria or ↑WCC ≥ 60 years

Testis – Swelling in body Non-painful enlargement or Change in shape or Texture of the testis (not epididymis)

Palpable Renal Mass

Solid mass in the kidney on imaging

Penile Mass/Ulcerated Lesion STI excluded

Persistent Penile Lesion following completed STI treatment

Unexplained or persistent symptoms affecting the foreskin or glans

Prostate – DRE findings normal/abnormal

If DRE normal a raised PSA is required


Age years





Over 80’s

PSA referral range







Pre Referral Investigations required for all patients

  • EGFR Result (within last 3 months)
  • PSA level (Prostate referrals only)
  • Negative MSU/Dipstick Test (within last 8 weeks)

PSA should not be taken during, or within 8 weeks, of a proven UTI as this may cause an artificially raised level


Consider handing the patient a Cancer Research UK Information Sheet – follow link

Two Week Wait referrals should now be processed through the NHS eReferral Service (previously known as Choose & Book)


Referral Form Example Below

Click on referral link right to download

Save EMIS version to Downloads or File or Desktop before importing to EMIS



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