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Coventry & Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership (Cancer Updates)


Coventry & Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership provide regular cancer updates on local information and initiatives

Just like in regions all over the UK,  local NHS organisations have joined forces with local councils.

Together, the Coventry & Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership is sharing knowledge and pooling resources with a plan for improving health and care.

Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership is committed to improving the quality of cancer care and services for our local population. According to national statistics it has been forecast that one in two people across the country will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives, however the good news is more people are surviving cancer than ever before and, by working hard, we aim to further improve health outcomes for people living in Coventry and Warwickshire.



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What do we want to do?

  • Diagnose cancers earlier, treat patients faster and improve survival rates
  • Raise awareness of prevention and support healthier lifestyles across our local communities
  • Ensure that the highest level of care and support is provided to those living with and beyond cancer

What do we have planned and what have we done so far?

  • Planning to trial a Lung Screening pilot in Coventry, working closely with University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire lung department and three GP practices
  • Secured project management funding that will support hospital teams with a review of their patient pathways
  • Improving patient experience through the introduction of one stop clinics where appropriate e.g. attending for an appointment with a doctor and having tests on the same day
  • Increased the number of posts in hospitals to look at how we are able to support patients who are Living with and Beyond Cancer
  • Working closely with communities across Coventry and Warwickshire to encourage people to participate in the national cancer screening programmes, for example increasing the number of smear tests that are undertaken in our local area
  • Supporting doctors and nurses working in GP practices through improved cancer education
  • Provided funding to the pathology department allowing consultants to examine patient tissue that might result in a cancer diagnosis
  • Secured patient representation on our local Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership Cancer Board
Coventry and Rugby Lung Health Checks

Our Lung Health Checks are like an MOT for your lungs.

If you are aged between 55-74 and smoke, or have ever smoked, you may be invited for a free NHS Lung Health Check.

These will take place over the phone with a specialised nurse.

Most people will find out their lungs work fine, some may benefit from further tests or treatment such as a CT scan at our mobile unit or at the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby.

Finding any lung problems early can make a big difference.

The first people to receive invitations for a Lung Health Check will be those registered at Wood End Health Centre.

When will I be invited and what is a Lung Health Check?

If you qualify for a FREE NHS Lung Health Check, you will receive an invite letter through the post.

This letter will have a date and time where one of our specialised nurses will call you for your Lung Health Check. This consultation should take about 15 minutes.

During the telephone call you will be asked questions about your overall lung health, lifestyle, family and medical history.

You may then be invited to have a lung CT scan at our special mobile unit or the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby. This checks for early signs of lung cancer and is called lung cancer screening.

Our special mobile unit is being run by our partner, InHealth.

InHealth are the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostics and healthcare solutions.

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