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Individual Funding Requests



These are to be applied for when clinicians believe that there are particular features about their patient which mean that any general funding restrictions should not apply.

There are 2 main reasons why funding may not be available:

  1. There is no good evidence that a treatment is effective
  2. There is some evidence of effectiveness, but not enough to justify a general policy of providing a treatment

In the first category there is very unlikely to be a decision to fund individual cases as there is no evidence. If a doctor feels that there is new evidence to consider this should normally be done as part of general commissioning discussions, but there may be rare occasions when there is a reason to ask for an early review of this, using the IFR process. We anticipate this being very rare and such requests would normally come from the secondary care provider, who will be expected to produce a detailed review of any new evidence they have which they feel should over-ride the existing policy.

In the second category it may be that the primary or secondary care doctor feels that there are particular issues relating to the individual patient of such significance that the general policy should be over-ruled. Normally we would expect that GPs would ask for – and submit documentation – for an IFR only if they know something of the individual circumstances of the patient that made them significantly different to other patients with the same condition.  We would normally expect secondary care doctors to be the ones applying for an IFR if they felt there were aspects of the clinical details for the individual patient that made them an exception to the general rule. We would expect such an application to come from the secondary care doctor concerned not to be passed back to primary care to make the application.

Click here for more detailed information.

Application Form for Individual Funding Requests

See the IFR application form, which has further guidance about the process.


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  • · Clive Campton is IFR Team Manager
  • · Lucy Dyde is IFR Support Manager
  • IFR Department Telephone: 02476246159
  • Email: crccg.ardenifr@nhs.net
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