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Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Assessment


NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a package of care for adults aged 18 or over which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a package of care for adults aged 18 or over which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS.

Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare?

To be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you must be assessed by a team of healthcare professionals (a multidisciplinary team) to determine whether there is a ‘primary health need’.

  • What will the multidisciplinary team (MDT) look for?
  • What help is needed
  • How complex the needs are
  • How intense the needs can be
  • How unpredictable they are, including any risks to health if the right care isn’t provided at the right time

Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare depends on assessed needs, and not on any particular diagnosis or condition.

If needs change then eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare may change.

Involvement in the process?

The patient will be fully involved in the assessment process and have views about needs and support taken into account.

Carers and family members can also be consulted where appropriate.

How long does the assessment process take?

A decision about eligibility for a full assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare should usually be made within 28 days of an initial assessment or request for a full assessment.

What happens if I am not eligible?

If you aren’t eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you can be referred to your local council who can discuss with you whether you may be eligible for support from them.

If you still have some health needs then the NHS may pay for part of the package of support.

This is sometimes known as a “joint package” of care, or NHS-Funded Nursing Care.

What is NHS-Funded Nursing Care?

NHS-Funded Nursing Care (FNC) is when the NHS pays for the nursing care component of nursing home fees.

The NHS pays a flat rate directly to the care home towards the cost of this nursing care.

You may be eligible if:

  • You’re not eligible for NHS continuing healthcare but have been assessed as needing care from a registered nurse
  • You live in a nursing home
What is a Joint Package?

If you are not eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you may potentially receive a joint package of health and social care.

This is where your care or support package is funded by both the NHS and the local authority.

For more information about NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-Funded Nursing Care:
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