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Rectal bleeding


Rectal bleeding (bleeding from the bottom) is often noticed as small amounts of bright-red blood on toilet paper.

Rectal bleeding WITHOUT peri-anal symptoms

Refer to the Rectal Bleed Clinic if under 50 years of age, refer as a Two Week Wait if over 50. For Two Week Wait forms, click on the Referrals by Specialty tab. Do not use the Referral Support Service for Two Week Waits.

Rectal bleeding WITH peri-anal symptoms

Regardless of age, refer to the Rectal Bleed Clinic or Surgical Clinic.

Rectal bleed & haemorrhoid clinic at PARK LEYS MEDICAL PRACTICE, COVENTRY

Conditions Treated

  • Haemorrhoids and Fissures

Procedures Performed

  • Rigid sigmoidoscopy, banding of haemorrhoids, injection of haemorrhoids


  • Patients requiring a general anaesthetic
  • Patients deemed unsuitable for primary care operation by GPSI (GP with a Special Interest)
  • Patients with allergies to local anaesthetic
  • Rectal bleeding patients with nut allergy
  • Patients with bleeding disorders or on warfarin
  • Patients with pilonidal sinus
  • Patients with definite change in bowel habits or weight loss

Service Notes

Service provides a one stop diagnostic and treatment service for haemorrhoids. All patients will have a rigid sigmoidoscopy.If diagnosed with haemorrhoids they will be offered treatment with injection sclerotherapy or banding. Relevant follow-up advice will be given, in writing. Review of patient as required can be arranged on GP request, as needed. There is ample free parking.

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