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Breast 2WW


Latest information and referral forms for 2WW Breast


Refer as below:

  • Suspicion of Breast Cancer
  • Symptomatic but NOT suspicious
  • Suspicion of Recurrence of Breast Cancer

Consider printing for your patient a Cancer Research UK Urgent Referral Leaflet – follow link

All 2WW referrals should be made through the NHS eReferral Service (previously known as Choose & Book).

Please make all referrals (urgent and non-urgent) within 1 day in accordance with the NICE Cancer Recognition & Referral Guidelines (NG12) – Breast

If in doubt about the referral please contact one of the breast specialists by phone or by e mail Advice & Guidance for further advice, although your non urgent referral letters will be vetted by a specialist and the appointment accelerated if necessary.

Breast Pain Pathway – see link right







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