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Gynaecology 2WW


Updated information and referral forms for 2WW Gynaecology

2 Week Wait Gynaecology Referral

Refer as below:

Consider printing for your patient a Cancer Research UK Urgent Referral Leaflet – follow link (leaflets available to order through CRUK website)

All 2WW referrals should be made through the NHS eReferral Service (previously known as Choose & Book).

Please make all referrals (urgent and non-urgent) within 1 day in accordance with the National Collaborating Centre for Cancer guidance 2015.

Note: perimenopausal women with an endometrial thickness of more than 5mm should not be referred on a 2WW and should be referred to the heavy menstrual bleeding clinic* after assessment and management in primary care as per NICE guidance.

There is no heavy menstrual bleeding clinic at SWFT – Please refer via routine ERS

When a patient is referred on the Gynaecology two week wait (2WW) pathway at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) an ultrasound scan is included in the patient journey.

Preview of referral form

Click right for downloadable referral form



Post Coital Bleeding (PCB) Guidance

Follow this link to GP Gateway Post Coital Bleeding Page

Lynch Syndrome

Previously known as hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer or HNPCC.

Other cancers which may be associated with Lynch syndrome include:

  • endometrial
  • ovarian
  • stomach
  • small bowel
  • bile duct / gall bladder
  • brain
  • pancreas
  • urothelial (kidney, ureter and possibly bladder)
  • skin
  • Some with Lynch syndrome may have more than one primary cancer
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