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Primary Care Gynaecology Service (PCGS)


Commissioned by Coventry and Warwickshire ICB so that patients can be seen more quickly and conveniently for routine gynaecological care

About the Primary Care Gynaecology Service (PCGS)

This service has been commissioned by Coventry and Warwickshire ICB, initially for one year from September 2022, so that your patients can be seen more quickly and conveniently for routine gynaecological care.

The PGCS will provide a single point of access for routine gynaecology conditions and treatments where these cannot be met within your own practice.

The PCGS is being provided by the four GP Federations working in partnership across Coventry and Warwickshire and will focus initially on working through the existing secondary care waiting list, where some patients have been waiting as long as 18 months to be seen.

Use of the service requires a completed Data Sharing Agreement (see link below) and an uploaded EMIS template (see link right)

Please see link here for a data sharing agreement (DSA) for you to review and sign to enable use of the new Primary Care Gynaecology Service

Inclusion criteria:
  • Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding)
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Menopause
  • Contraception
  • Mirena coil insertion
  • Smears
  • Pessary insertion to relieve the symptoms of vaginal prolapse
Exclusion criteria:
  • Two week wait referrals
  • Suspected cancer 

Current Locations:

  • Warwickshire North:  The Atherstone Surgery, Atherstone.
  • South Warwickshire:  Castle Medical Centre, Kenilworth. The Rosebird Pharmacy, Stratford upon Avon
  • Coventry and Rugby:  tbc

Please can we ask that you import the EMIS template provided to your system at your earliest convenience.

If you require support to do this please email digital.angels@southwarwickshiregps.nhs.uk


If you have any immediate queries, please contact our team using the following email address: gynaeservice@southwarwickshiregps.nhs.uk

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