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Orthopaedics / Sarcoma 2WW


Updated information and referral forms for 2WW Orthopaedics


Pending review

Sarcomas & Primary bone tumours – Indications for an urgent referral for a suspected new malignancy

Soft tissue mass with one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Size > 5 cms
  • Painful
  • Increasing in size
  • Deep to fascia
  • Recurrence after previous excision
  • Recent change in pre existing lump or swelling

Radiological suspicion of a primary bone tumour (based on evidence of bone destruction, new bone formation, soft tissue swelling and periosteal elevation).

Ultrasound suspicion of soft tissue sarcoma

Ultrasound uncertain of soft tissue sarcoma and clinical concern persists

Issue the patient with a Cancer Research UK Information Sheet – follow link

Two Week Wait referrals should now be processed through the NHS eReferral Service (previously known as Choose & Book)

This service is located at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Birmingham

Preview of referral form:

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