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Squint (Pre-School)


A squint (strabismus) is a condition where the eyes point in different directions.

Interim Referral Advice from February until 1 April 2024

Ophthalmology referrals will not be triaged or processed by the Referral Support Service during February and March

Referrals should be made DIRECTLY to the provider during this period

Referral queries should be directed to Advice & Guidance

Pre-school Squints

Children between 0-3 months may will be considered within normal limits if they have an intermittent squint. A constant or manifest squint at this or any time after 3 months of age is pathological until proven otherwise. Please refer

After 3 months old  – any squint is pathological and early referral will reduce long term morbidity.

GP referrals

All GP referrals with definite squint, amblyopia or pathology should be referred to ophthalmology.

All GP or HV referrals with possible squint, amblyopia or pathology should be referred to local pre-school community clinic with the date of the clinic and urgency being taken into consideration.

Guidelines for booking children to the Community Orthoptic Clinic:
  • Children under the age of 5 are eligible for screening at the clinics below (children >5 can be advised to visit their own optician or referred to the eye clinic directly)
  • Any query about urgency of referral from the GP/HV should be directed to the community Orthoptic services manager to make an informed decision
  • Child Health will be sent correspondence from the screening outcome
How to refer the child

Patient name, date of birth, address, NHS number and reason for referral are required to book the patient into the clinic

Secure Email for referral letter: uhc-tr.orthopticdept@nhs.net

Contact information for Community Clinic Appointment Booking:



02476313391-press 0



02476313391-press 0



Julie.Willis@swft.nhs.uk 02476378601

UHCW NHS Trust Contact : Jayna Mistry Community Lead Orthoptist, Clinic 9, Eye Clinic UHCW

Tel: 02476 966520  Email: uhc-tr.orthopticdept@nhs.net

Hospital of St Cross ( for those patients living in Rugby): Emily Lind Rugby Orthoptic Lead Orthoptic Department, Out patients, Rainsbrook Wing, Barby Road, Rugby CV22 5PX

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