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Paediatric Dietician (Dietetics)


Referral criteria for dietetic advice for children

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Coventry Guidance  
Useful Dietary Resources

A guide to avoiding unnecessary food additives (pdf)

Advice for children with a significantly limited diet (pdf)

Alcohol and type 1 diabetes in adolescents (pdf)

Allergy – Egg free diet (pdf)

Allergy – Introducing milk free solids to your baby (pdf)

Allergy – Milk free and Egg free diet (pdf)

Allergy – Milk free diet (pdf)

Allergy – Soya free diet (pdf)

Care of your MIC Jejunostomy feeding tube (pdf)

Constipation and your childs diet (pdf)

Diabetes – Glycaemic index (pdf)

Diabetes – How to take control (pdf)

Diabetes – Hypoglycaemia diet sheet (pdf)

Diabetes – Physical activity and insulin for people with Type 1 Diabetes (pdf)

Diabetes – Physical activity and insulin Type 2 Diabetes (pdf)

Diabetes – Reducing Carbohydrates (pdf)

Diabetes – Snacking (pdf)

Diabetes Healthy eating with diabetes (pdf)

Eating problems in school aged children (pdf)

Feeding advice for children with autism who have restricted eating (pdf)

Fibre food fact sheet (pdf)

Food boosters (pdf)

Food Hierarchy (pdf)

Food record (pdf)

Gluten Challenge for children (pdf)

Having a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Tube inserted (pdf)

Healthy Eating for children with Hyperlipidaemia (pdf)

How to increase your iron intake (pdf)

Information about exercise and diabetes for children and young people on multiple daily injection therapy (MDI) (pdf)

Kidney Disease: A guide to diet (pdf)

LEAP Info for Parents for introduction of peanut at home (pdf)

Liquid diet (pdf)

Liver disease and diet (pdf)

Low iodine diet – a one week diet (pdf)

Low Residue Diet (pdf)

Nourishing drinks (pdf)

Nourishing snacks (pdf)

Nutritional supplements in hospital and what to try at home (pdf)

Paediatric Diabetes – A step-by-step guide to carb-counting with accuracy (pdf)

Paediatric Diabetes – Baking ideas for diabetes (pdf)

Paediatric diabetes – Exercise (pdf)

Paediatric Diabetes – Hypoglycaemia (pdf)

Paediatric Diabetes – Information for children young people and families about exercise type 1 diabetes and insulin pump therapy (pdf)

Paediatric Diabetes – Snacks (pdf)

Paediatric Diabetes – Healthy Eating for Children with Diabetes (pdf)

Paediatrics – How to gain weight in children (pdf)

Paediatrics- How to gain weight in babies (pdf)

Prevention or treatment of weight loss High protein high calorie information (pdf)

Puree Diet (pdf)

Reintroduction of cow’s milk (pdf)

Renal Disease – Eating out on a renal diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Healthy eating with kidney problems (pdf)

Renal Disease – Blood Results (pdf)

Renal Disease – Blood results pre-dialysis (pdf)

Renal Disease – Christmas on a renal diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Controlling your blood sugar levels after a kidney transplant (pdf)

Renal Disease – Diet action plan (pdf)

Renal Disease – Diet and controlling blood results on NX stage dialysis (pdf)

Renal Disease – Eating well after a kidney transplant (pdf)

Renal Disease – Eating well on dialysis (pdf)

Renal Disease – Eating well with kidney problems (calories for people with diabetes) (pdf)

Renal Disease – Eating well with kidney problems (calories) (pdf)

Renal Disease – fluid allowance (pdf)

Renal Disease – Getting started on a low phosphate diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Getting started on a low potassium diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Haemodialysis and Diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – How to increase the potassium in your diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Low Phosphate Diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Low Potassium Diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Low potassium diet for people with diabetes (pdf)

Renal Disease – Low potassium snack and drinks for people who have diabetes (pdf)

Renal Disease – Low potassium snacks and drinks (pdf)

Renal disease – Managing your fluid balance (pdf)

Renal Disease – Meal and snack suggestions for a small appetite (pdf)

Renal Disease – Peritoneal Dialysis and diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – PD Peritonitis and diet (pdf)

Renal Disease – Protein Portions with CKD (pdf)

Renal Disease low potassium diet the basics (pdf)

Soya reintroduction (pdf)

Start right – Eating for the one to five year olds (pdf)

Starting your baby on solid food (pdf)

The Gluten-Free Diet (pdf)

Vitamin D Food Fact Sheet (pdf)

Weight loss – food facts and tips (pdf)

Weight management – Action plan (pdf)

Weight management – Advice for Asian People (pdf)

Weight management – Change for the better (pdf)

Weight Management – Glycaemic Index (pdf)

Weight management – Making changes work for you (pdf)

Weight management – Meal ideas (pdf)

Weight management – Resources (pdf)

Weight management – Food Portions (pdf)


Rugby & South Warwickshire Guidance  
Referral Criteria

For full referral information see link on right

Unsuitable for Referral


How to refer

George Eliot Dieticians run a service specifically for GP referrals from Warwickshire.

Patients are seen at the Orchard Centre on Lower Hillmorton Rd, Rugby

Referrals should be forwarded to:

Nuneaton Paediatric Dietitians,  Dietetic Department, 4th Floor Maternity Block,

George Eliot Hospital, College St, Nuneaton, CV10 7DJ

Tel 02476 865098

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