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Cancer of Unknown Primary Services (CUP)


Referral service for cancer of unknown primary (currently no formal 2 week wait pathway)

About the Cancer of Unknown Primary Service (CUP)

Referral accepted from Primary Care although most referrals generated from Secondary Care

The consultants endeavour to see patients promptly although there is no formal ‘two-week wait ” route currently

All referrals discussed at the CUP MDT meeting and advice given to the referring team (GP or Hospital Consultant) on an investigation and management plan, including symptom control and the provision of information

All new CUP referrals are discussed at the CUP MDT meeting held on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Friday morning of each month. UHCW hosts the MDT for both GEH and SWFT

If GPs are concerned about patients where there is a suspicion of a CUP diagnosis the team is happy to discuss directly, ideally early in the diagnostic pathway to guide appropriate investigations



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