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Death Certification (MCCD) & Cremation 4 Forms Revised 25 March 2022


Coventry Coroner’s Office Update June 2022

The Coventry Coroner’s office was expecting to be changing to a new case management software system from June 2022 but this implementation has been deferred until August 2022 due to supplier issues. What this will mean for GP’s is that in the future there will be a new electronic death referral form via a link / portal made available to Dr’s. Consequently from a point in the near future the Coroner will no longer receive reports of deaths via email after August 2022.

Changes to Death Certification and Cremation Form 4 Following COVID-19 Easements

The doctor completing both forms should have attended during the last illness AND should have knowledge of the cause of death.

If seen within 28 days AND you know the cause of death you don’t need to see the body and you can issue.

If NOT seen within 28 days AND you know the cause of death you can see the body and issue.

The Coroner will need to notified if none of the above apply or the cause of death is unknown.

Issuing a death certificate without adhering to the above guidelines may cause avoidable distress and delay.

Please see flowchart below

Decision Making Flowchart from 25 March 2022


  • *It is expected that the Cremation form 4 is completed by a GP who has attended the patient during their last illness. If the patient has NOT been attended in their last illness (or within 28 days) then the Cremation 4 may be issued by a GP who has known them in life, examined the body in person after death, and can document the outcome of a discussion with the coroner. In exceptional circumstances where no doctor is reasonably available who has seen the patient alive, then these circumstances should be clearly documented. The coroner alone cannot authorise a cremation.





Medtronic MICRA TPS implant – cremation considerations

Bereavement Support

Follow link for local bereavement support pack

Important E mail addresses

Coventry Registration Office: RegisterOffice@coventry.gov.uk

Warwick Registration Office: warwickro@warwickshire.gov.uk

Nuneaton Registration Office: nuneatonro@warwickshire.gov.uk

Rugby Registration Office: rugbyro@warwickshire.gov.uk

Canley Crematorium: bereavement.services@coventry.gov.uk

Heart of England Crematorium: nuneaton.cremationpapers@thecmg.co.uk

Procedures after Death (see below for full details)
  • Email death certificate direct to registrar with cover sheet (see right)
  • Email Cremation form direct to your crematorium copying in the Funeral Director using their secure email (see right).
  • Email the Funeral Director separately with your fees.
  • Electronic signatures will suffice from a personal NHS email  adding “Please find attached Cremation form completed by me” (otherwise wet signatures may be requested)
  • Always add your mobile number as your contact number

Contacting the Registrar Out of Hours:

If you need to contact a registrar on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday closure day you will need to telephone Coventry City Council out of hours number (024 7683 2222) between 9.00am – 10.00am and they will arrange for a registrar to ring you back.

General Guidance
  • Cause of death must be acceptable after reviewing available information
  • COVID-19 is an notifiable infectious disease but does not normally require referral to the coroner
  • Proven COVID-19 is acceptable as a cause of death
  • Where COVID-19 is suspected, it can be used in 1b after 1a Bronchopneumonia (for example)
  • A medical practitioner should have visualised (virtually or in person) within 28 days of death, or after death.
  • Seeing after death CANNOT be virtual.
  • The certifying doctor should be the attendant doctor.
  • Wet signatures are required
  • In exceptional circumstances where the deceased has neither been seen in the 28 days before death or seen after death, a discussion with the coroner may lead to an internal issue of a Form100A and approval of a death certificate.
  • Certificates (both sides -with certificate number added manually to the back) should be photographed or scanned and submitted electronically to the Registrar with an additional sheet (example attached) giving contact details for the next of kin and funeral intentions if known. The Registrar will contact the next of kin to arrange a face to face appointment for the registration of death. This should be within FIVE days of death (not five working days).
  • The Registrar will forward the Green Disposal sheet electronically to facilitate funeral arrangements with the funeral director.


Cremation Form 4 Links

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