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LATEST PRACTICE NEWS Shortcuts to CCG Newsletters

14th May, 2021

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Click on links below for full newsletters (see summary of contents below link)

Practice News 11 June 2021

  • Consultant Connect Service Update – Cardiology Phone/Photo A&G Pilot @ UHCW
  • Consultant Connect – Coventry, Rugby Warwickshire North Monthly Highlights
  • Change of Variant Names
  • Primary Care Data Gathering Programme (Coventry and Warwickshire)
  • Focus on Exploitation online event
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month
  • Health Inequalities, Social Isolation, Wellbeing Webinars for males in NHS
  • New guide for LGBT patients
  • Primary Care Improvement Community Newsletter

Practice News 4 June 2021

  • Update: CCG Change of Email Addresses
  • UPDATED: UK Infection Prevention and Control Guidance
  • New phase of #YouAreNotAlone: Partner Pack
  • Consultant Connect
  • Spirometry Questionnaire
  • Creative Health Programmes Briefing June 2021
  • West Midlands Cervical Screening Services Newsletter
  • Coventry & Warwickshire Area Prescribing Committee Newsletter

Practice News 28 May 2021

  • Delay to CCG Change of Email Addresses and Reminder: Junk Mail Issues
  • Reminder:  Letter from the CCG Governing Body..
  • Resources for patients anxious about cervical screening
  • Field Safety Corrective Action (Recall)
  • Consultant Connect
  • HCP Cancer Update newsletter

Practice News 21 May 2021

  • Letter from the Governing Body
  • Primary Care and Looked after children
  • COVID-19 vaccination status in the NHS App and the new Fast Track ID feature
  • RISE CYP Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team
  • Changes to Mental Health Service contact details at Stratford Healthcare
  • Crisis Plus Initiative to support people in mental health crisis
  • NCMD report on child mortality and deprivation
  • Ethnicity-specific BMI cutoffs for obesity based on type 2 diabetes risk in England: a population-based cohort study
  • Primary Care Data Gathering Programme (Coventry and Warwickshire)
  • CCG Change of Email Addresses and Junk Mail Issues
  • Consultant Connect Webinar for Warwickshire North Practices
  • Primary Care Mental Health in Coventry and Warwickshire including Mental Health Practitioner Roles (ARRS)
  • RISE CYP Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team
  • A new Breast Cancer Support group
  • Insulin Safety Week: 17th – 23rd May 2021

Practice News 14 May 2021

  • Annual Health Checks
  • NHS Elective accelerator
  • GEH Post COVID Syndrome Pathways
  • One Minute Guides
  • Free transportation to vaccine sites
  • Microsoft 365- FINAL REMINDER Devices with Office 2010 will be disabled from 21 May 2021
  • Non-Obstetric Ultrasound Service
  • Vaccination Data Quality Issues
  • Patient Removal Guidelines for GP Practices
  • Prescribing Dashboard for October 2020
  • CQRS Service Offers 2021/22
  • Insulin Safety Week – 17th – 23rd May

Practice News 7 May 2021

  • Support being provided to India during Covid-19 Crisis
  • Important Information – Roro Chan Challenge – recent suicide of 13 year old female
  • Domestic Abuse Act – What do you need to know
  • UHB services update sessions
  • Consultant Connect – April highlights
  • Please Read: CQRS Service Offers 2021/22 Reminder
  • Restoration
  • Carenotes Essential Maintenance

Practice News 30 April 2021

  • Mental Health support services available to Warwickshire residents
  • Coventry Mental Health support services
  • Standardised GP Appointment Categories – Guidance and Webinarse also some National Standards of Cleanliness (NSoC) Policies
  • Two Week Wait Referrals for Gynae and Head and Neck at UHCW
  • Arthroplasties Wound Advice from Surgeons
  • Insulin Safety Week
  • Warwickshire North Diabetes Foot Clinic


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