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Covid Vaccination Clinic for Complex Reactions (George Eliot Hospital)


GEH Covid Vaccination Clinic for Complex Reactions

GEH Covid Vaccination Clinic for Complex Reactions

This clinic operates 3 full day allergy clinics seeing approximately 60 patients.

Allergy clinics are on a Friday (due to doctor availability) from 08:30-16:15 hours.

The clinics is run separately to main clinic with a designated room with couches and emergency equipment available.

They have RC UK ALS trained staff on hand to support  2 doctors in attendance.

Clinic Update July 2021

The quality of the referrals received to the vaccine reaction clinic has been variable, resulting in patients needing to repeat their history multiple times.

To try and address this, the attached referral form as an Excel Referral Form has been developed to ensure that the appropriate information is submitted to ensure the patient gets to the right place first time.

  • Referral pathway
  • Complete new referral form (image below) – see also link right


GPs send referral to GEH: Covid-19vaccine@geh.nhs.uk

  • GEH triage referral to:
  • GEH vaccine
  • GEH Immunology Clinic
  • Others to UHCW for Pfizer due to age or other reasons
  • Reviewed by UHCW DCMO to decide whether the patient is fine to proceed under nurse protocol, or whether they require a prescription and medical supervision whilst the vaccine is administered and during the wait period

Please also see the Allergy Assessment that is completed whilst in clinic (not needed to be completed prior to referral


For further information please contact: Justine Whitmore-Clinical Skills, Simulation & Resuscitation Lead & COVID Vaccine Clinic Lead – GEH, Email: justine.whitmore@geh.nhs.uk


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