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Infertility – Seminal Fluid Analysis (SFA)


This UHCW Andrology Service is for male patients to produce their sample for fertility investigations – seminal fluid analysis (SFA) also known as semenalysis or semen analysis

Andrology Service, Centre for Reproductive Medicine UHCW NHS Trust.

This service is for male patients to produce their sample for fertility investigations – a seminal fluid analysis (SFA).

Due to the pandemic we have had to change the clinic for the protection of our patients and staff.

We are not accepting any walk-in appointments for SFAs and all patients are asked to arrange their own test and book an appointment.

Referral for Investigation
  • No referral forms are required. Patients must call the Appointment Booking Line Tel: 02476 96 88 73.
  • Paperwork to be completed will be sent out along with the appointment letter to the patient
  • The patient should source a sterile specimen container from their local chemist or they can collect one prior to their appointment day from our main reception
  • If the patient is unable to get through on the appointment line then they can leave a voicemail message and a member of the team will call them back.
  • Patients are unable to produce a sample on site within the CRM – all samples for analysis must be produced at home.
  • On the day of their appointment they must attend the CRM for their appointment time; if they are late we will refuse to accept the sample.
  • If they are early we politely ask that they wait outside the unit until their allotted appointment time.
  • They must bring the sample with them in a labelled with the completed paperwork.
  • They will only be in the unit for less than 5 minutes as they only have to hand the sample in to the male specimen reception (first door on the left as they enter the CRM).
  • A mask must be worn to deliver the sample.
Interpretation of results


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