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Post COVID Syndrome (Long COVID) GP Referral


Most patients with COVID 19 fully recover, but some patients may go on to have a variety of persistent symptoms referred to as Post COVID syndrome or formerly Long COVID

Post COVID Syndrome – Suspected or confirmed COVID-19 with persistent respiratory symptoms AFTER 12 WEEKS

Post COVID Syndrome is defined as presence of ongoing symptoms after COVID 19 not explained by other reasons 12 weeks after the initial infection.

Common symptoms:

Shortness of breath

Fatigue and tiredness

Mental health issues

UHCW Post COVID Syndrome Clinic (Respiratory)

Has support from Respiratory Medicine, Endocrinology and  Physiotherapy

Access to other specialist services e.g. Cardiology, Rheumatology, Neurology etc if required.

UHCW will follow-up local patients admitted for COVID-19 at around 6 weeks post-discharge.

Primary Care Assessment and Referral

This guidance is particularly for patients with suspected Post COVID Syndrome not known to UHCW.

Rule out other causes of fatigue and tiredness before referral.

Inclusion Criteria

History of persistent symptoms 12+ weeks after onset, compatible with suspected COVID 19

Chest X-ray

COVID antibodies test (if no previous confirmed swab – Yellow topped bottle)

If COVID POSITIVE (previous swab or antibody test) request bloods:

  • Full blood count
  • U&Es
  • Liver Function Tests
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic Acid
  • Ferritin
  • Vitamin D
  • TSH
  • BNP
  • HbA1c
Urgency of Referral
Patients with confirmed COVID 19 swab or positive antibodies and persistent CXR changes e.g. consolidation / interstitial lung disease / fibrosis Urgent Respiratory referral
Patients with positive antibodies and normal CXR Routine Respiratory referral
Patients with negative antibodies and normal CXR Consider A&G or routine Respiratory Medicine referral


Referral Letter Information

Please refer through Referral Support Service (RSS)

Include the following and send with the Respiratory MDT referral letter:

  • CXR report
  • COVID antibody or previous positive swab result
  • Bloods: Full blood count, Urea and electrolytes, Liver Function test, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Ferritin, Vitamin D, TSH, BNP, HbA1C

Click on image below or link on RIGHT for downloadable referral form

Respiratory MDT Clinics & Patient Choice

Post COVID-19 appointments will be mostly face-to-face but patient or clinical need might indicate the need for other forms of clinical review, e.g telephone or video call.

If patient would prefer not to come to hospital for first consultation please add this information in your referral in order for us to arrange a phone consultation.

Please make your patients aware of the following information:
They may receive multiple letters including:

  • Respiratory physiology (breathing test)
    Radiology (CT scan)
    Clinic appointment (if they are booked at short-notice our team will phone them)
  • A pre-booked blood test on the same day of their appointment in clinic if further tests are needed. They will be given the forms on arrival to clinic or by post.
  • Invitation to participate in clinical trials.
  • Referral to other specialities if needed, e.g cardiology, rheumatology, psychology, neurology.
Advice and Guidance

Please send any A&G requests for the attention of Dr B Lara or Dr A Ali.

See links

Pathway pack

Referral form

IAPT information for GPs inc new virtual/remote offer

IAPT information for patients

Patient leaflets:
– Breathing
– Breathlessness
– Cough suppression
– Nutrition
– Prone position
– Voice recovery

Long Covid Support Group

The aim of this group is to provide emotional and wellbeing support and it is not to offer medical advice.

We will be offering room for participants to explore with others the feelings and adjustments necessary for them at this time

Click on this link for Warwickshire Long Covid Support Group information

Please find attached the welcome pack which will be given to participants once referred as shares some details about the group.

Advice for Health Professionals on Returning to Work


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