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B12 and Folate Testing


A diagnosis of vitamin B12 or folate deficiency anaemia can often be made based on symptoms and the results of blood tests.

What are the indications for B12 and Folate Testing?

When to request for Gastric Parietal Cell Antibody ( GPA) and Intrinsic Factor Antibody (INF) Tests?

No need to check B12 levels in patient on parenteral B12 treatment (they will always be high).

There is no indicaiton to check GPA or INF purely because of family history of autoimmune disease or hypothyroidism.

Care should be taken when prescribing folic acid alone – If folic acid is given to a patient who is actually b12 deficient, this may precipitate irreversible neurological complications.

Please click here or see right for B12 and Folate testing, indications and GPA and INF tests information.

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