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Faecal Calprotectin


Faecal calprotectin is a substance that is released into the intestines in excess when there is any inflammation there.

Faecal Calprotectin – Primary Care Guideline

Faecal calprotectin should be recommended in patients with less than 45 years of age, with symptoms of IBS for the past 3 months and no red flag symptoms.

  • Do NOT use FC for bowel cancer
  • Do NOT use FC for infection
  • Use a blue stool pot – a 2p sized amount of sample is sufficient (solid stool best if possible)
  • Morning first void stool is best
  • Send to BIOCHEMISTRY (not microbiology) – stable at room temp
  • Give as much clinical info as possible (symptoms and duration)
  • Send a SEPARATE sample to microbiology for M,C+S  if patient has diarrhoea unless infection has already been excluded


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