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Community Dietician (Dietetics)


This page has information on the role of a dietitian with links to further information.

Leaflets on Weight Loss

Please see right for:

  • Patient.co.uk leaflet on various methods of weight loss
  • Food Facts leaflets from the British Dietetic Association

GP Gateway has a separate page on Exercise.

MUST Score and Oral Nutritional Supplements

The NICE guideline (clinical guideline 32) states that nutrition support should be considered in people who are malnourished, as defined by any of the following criteria:

(1) BMI <18.5kg/m2 (2) Unintentional weight loss >10% within the last 3-6 months (3) BMI <20 kg/m2 and unintentional weight loss >5% within the last 3-6 months

The initial intervention should be to advise on a high protein/calorie diet.

Before initiating and when reviewing sip feeds all patients should be screened for their RISK of Malnutrition using the MUST screening tool.

Please click on the link in the right panel to access the guidance on oral nutritional supplements for adults in Primary Care (MUST).

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